English Amateur Billiards Association


I am now almost half way through adding the old data from the previous web site to the new system. ON certain pages there are links from the old site which will not work so don’t bother clicking them. This area is just to preserve the old data in a readable format.

Simply enter a keyword on the search bar to the left for example enter ‘lindrum’ and all data containing that word should be returned.

This is work in progress it will take some time to update the files but you can still return the data it will just not be very readable.

I am slowly breaking the archive which is 1200 pages long into smaller sections so you will be able to select these directly rather than having to know what to search for. There are also 700 pictures which will eventually be returned to the site.

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Policy and Rules

All our rules and regulations are available in the following section. Please click below for further details.


You can now apply for membership of the EABA online and pay for entry into all our tournaments.