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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998



Atack SC, Nuneaton, 10th May 1998

There was a disappointing entry of 47 for the inaugural
Ellis Lloyd Memorial event. This end of season ABC
competition provided an opportunity to collect a trophy and
keepsake engraved glass tankard donated in memory of Ellis,
a great friend of billiards, who died on Christmas day last year.

There were six juniors amongst the entrants and players had
journeyed from Exeter and Teesside.

Lee McKenna was the only successful junior in their opening
matches, the 15 year old did well to beat Richie Evans but then
met CIU champion Darren Kell and was comfortably beaten.

Darren praised Lee later as being a useful player in the making.

Tony King was overpowered by Peter Shelley (88 & 54 breaks),
Jimmy Chambers lost by 37 to 19 year old John Hartley and
Dean Bavister fell to English champion Paul Bennett (50).

Danny Thompson and Matthew Sutton were allocated a bye
to the second round but were then beaten by Derick Townend
and Ivan Chambers (55) respectively.

Jamie Moore had breaks of 59,91 & 55 in his opening win over
Bern French but then lost to Tony Henke who subsequently
lost to Phil Welham. Henke had made runs of 63 & 75 when
beating David Metcalfe in his opener.

Bill Andress had a 62 break when beating David Atack then a
102 when putting out Ray Moore, but then lost to Richard
Lodge who had (61 & 56) wins over Gary Norman and (50)
Peter Shelley.

Neal Rewhorn playing from his home base opened with a score
of 413 when beating Albert Beard and 414 (92 & 77) against
John White.

Breaks of 127 & 102 were made by Neal when eliminating Darren
Kell and a 55 when putting out Richard Lodge.

David Nichols continued his fine promise, the 22 year old
Eastern Counties bleach blonde made progress to the semi
finals via wins over Harry Willis, Tony Keeling and Ivan
Chambers. His jaunt was halted by Neal Rewhorn.

Lee Lagan opened his account with a 507 score and break of
153 that proved to be the days highest, when beating Brian
Harvey. He went on to beat Gary Rogers and Jim McCann (79)
before losing to Paul Bennett in the semi final.

Paul Bennett accounted for Paul Dunning with a 110 break
then had runs of 60,91, 56 & 66 when beating John Hartley
then six breaks of 50 plus and a 141 when swamping Phil

The final was a re-run of the recent CIU semi final and English
Championship final as Neal Rewhorn took on Paul Bennett.

Neal proved to be a winner in a disappointing game, only one
break of 50 was made in the match.

Phil Davis, an ABC stalwart, collected his first material reward
by winning the Plate event after his victory in the final over
Gary Norman.

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