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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998


by John Smith

The desperately sad and untimely loss of Ellis Lloyd led to the
eventual withdrawal of Rugby ‘A’ side from the league and all their
seasons results were expunged.

The season bubbled up to a thrilling finish with the championship
being determined only on completion of the last fixture. By virtue of
two final 7-2 victories Stoke on Trent squeezed past Nuneaton to take
the title by a single point.

The class of Peter Shelley was apparent from his break building
achievements, “Mr. Consistent”, Tony Keeling takes the most wins
prize with an excellent 13 wins in 15 attempts, his only two reverses
coming in the same match.

Looking forward to next season, a new team (Stafford) and possibly
others may join the league.

In summary, Stoke were league champions with Nuneaton runners up
from Nottingham and Kidderminster with Derby and Rugby ‘B’ trailing.

Tony Keeling had the best individual record winning 13 from 15,
Richard Ingram and Jamie Moore had 11/15, Peter Shelley 10/12 &
Neal Rewhorn 10/15.

There were only two centurions this term rather than the normal 6 or 8.
Peter Shelley made a total of 8 breaks over the 100, with the best of
them being 211. The other century maker was Jamie Moore who had 4
of them, two being 137’s.

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