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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1998


by Albert Hanson

Malcolm Lax has tendered his resignation from the
Committee of the Association because of his pressure
of work. Unable to attend meetings for some time now he was
conscious that he was not pulling his weight and another
workhorse would better serve us. Being self-employed he must
of course prioritise to his employment commitments and the
Committee, with regret, must of course accept his decision.

Malcolm does himself down, I know better than anyone else
involved the contribution he has made to the EABA and whilst
he has not been present at recent meetings his work-rate in all
other areas has been immense and often unseen by so many.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to both Malcolm
and his long suffering and hard working wife Helena, who has
also worked tirelessly for us, sometimes without a total
comprehension of the issues associated with the task.We
owe a great debt to them both. Many thanks!

Suffice to say, we’ve not seen the end of them, they willingly
responded to my request for assistance in ensuring this edition
of the magazine has got to you and I’ll no doubt be back in
touch for further favours—you don’t get away that easily!

Another competition season completed, but as you will
read on another page, not without it’s problems of
administration and justifiable complaint from certain quarters.

As I’ve said previously we welcome your comments on our
operations and whilst we would much prefer some occasional
praise (it’s good for our morale) we will accept justifiable
criticisms if it’s warranted.

This edition I believe carries more information than
previously presented thanks again to our many
contributors, but we still need more of it.

When I talk to many of you about a contribution of information
from your area, or an anecdote from your memory bank, I often
get a negative response as you consider your ability to present
it as being unworthy. Honestly it wont be the case. Write it,
compute it (hopefully), and tape it if you have to, but please
send it! We’ll knock it onto shape if we have to on receipt. The
more you send the greater variety of input we can produce,
it’s either that or you get more of my views—you’ve been

Let me congratulate all of our worthy champions this
season. Paul Bennett, Peter Shelley, Robin Wilson,
Matthew Sutton and Hemlington Social. I also include Neal
Rewhorn, the CIU winner. Well done to you all, but let me also
thank all of the tournament competitors for their support and
also the hardworking referees who assisted us throughout.

One black spot to report is the Association having to
discipline two competitors that were involved in the Team
event. The complaints against the pair were numerous and
serious enough to be expelled from involvement or attendance
at any future Association activity.

Their representative Club and other national bodies have been
advised of our decision. We regret the need to have to take
any form of action against anyone in our sport but if the need
arises then take it we will!

It was nice to have Rex Williams present the awards at our
Amateur finals and Peter Gilchrist at the Juniors finals. A
closer relationship with the pro billiards fraternity is not a bad
thing especially if they deem in future to act independently of
the WPBSA (except in Financial terms obviously). An informal
meeting has taken place between the pro billiard officers and
us to consider whether a closer liaison could be mutually
beneficial. As the talks were purely exploratory there’s nothing
we can report on at this stage, if anything worthwhile develops
in future we’ll consult with you.

Looking forward to the season to come, the programme is
listed elsewhere in this edition, we shall see two visits by
the Irish contingent, so if you get the opportunity to catch
their appearances I hope you will make them welcome and
give these representative matches your support.

One international event that has turned into something of
a farce is the Walter Lindrum Centenary Celebration. Over
2 year’s ago the various national bodies were talking about
doing something both in this country and in Australia but
with all the notional good intent nothing appeared to be
happening until lo and behold in late June we learn that an
event will take place in Australia in mid August. I sincerely
hope all works out well over there but it seems to be a bit of a
mish-mash with no one seeming to know what’s going on at
the time of writing.

Until next time good viewing and good cueing.

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