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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1999


Invitation Tournament (Sunday 15th November 1998)

In a warm-up for the Northern Open Championships, three of the top
professional players were again invited to Darley Dale for the annual
test against local hero, Norman Dagley. Chris Shutt, Mike Russell and
Peter Gilchrist duly attended, and played a series of round-robin matches
of one hour duration.

Mike Russell was in impressive form, immediately registering breaks
of 71 and 383 in the first tie against Chris Shutt. This latter break took
Mike 26 minutes to complete, but Chris´ reply of 144, required just
7½ minutes !

Norman Dagley came closet to victory in his match against Peter
Gilchrist who struggled to get going, coming from behind to just scrape
home by 31 points.

After an easy victory over Gilchrist, Chris Shutt demonstrated that he
could also make match winning breaks, when he put together 319
against Dagley. Not to be outdone, Russell then compiled the top break
of the day with 562—also against the unfortunate Dagley.
Gilchrist eventually found his form in the final tie against Russell when
he ran in consecutive breaks of 250 and 52. Unfortunately, he had
been trailing by some 230 points prior to this sequence, and Russell
then held the table with a break of 58 to finish winner by 18 points.

Results, Averages & Breaks

Mike Russell
383, 71
509 (101.8)Chris Shutt
227 (45.4)
Peter Gilchrist
272 (24.7)Norman Dagley
241 (21.5)
Chris Shutt
178, 149, 84
538 (40.8)Peter Gilchrist
140 (10.7)
Chris Shutt
319, 110, 54
577 (52.5)Norman Dagley
126 (11.5)
Mike Russell
562, 111
704 (100.5)Norman Dagley
57 (8.1)
Mike Russell
141, 96, 58
350 (35.0)Peter Gilchrist
250, 52
332 (33.2)

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