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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1999


by David Lord

The Sandford Orcas and Bath teams could not be separated after
the first of their two matches which was held at the Bradford Abbas
Club on 24th October, which involved nine 1½ hour games. The top
break of 63 came from Keith Langley (Bath) in the first game, and was
equalled by Jack Masters in the second. The key to the impasse between
the sides came with a tied game between Dave Harris and Ray Lydiard.
Steve Warren then levelled the overall scores with a victory over Bath´s
Keith Langley, the teams finishing with 4½ points each. The return
match will be at Bath in March 1999.

Sandford Orcas were again in action when they visited Weston (Bath)
for their annual pre-season challenge match, and were once again
involved in an inconclusive result. The match was played in conditions
not conducive to good billiards—very hot and sticky—with temperatures
above 90º. With the match standing at one game apiece, the tie between
Derek Stephenson and Carroll Walters finished level on 260 points,
raising the prospect of another drawn match.

The last of the five games saw David Lord continue his intense rivalry
with Roy Foster needing a win to secure victory for the home side. In
the highest scoring game of the night Foster just edged ahead in the last
two minutes of the game to keep the Orcas undefeated record by 483-
471. The teams were later entertained to a buffet at the Old Crown Inn.
The “round robin” knock-out stage of the Wessex Individual Billiards
Championship was held at the Triangle Club, Street, on 3rd January.
Twenty players from the local area all enjoyed four games of 45 minutes
duration. The players winning through to the semi-final stage were
Roy Foster (Sandford Orcas) Michael White (Radstock) Carroll Walters
(Sherborne) and Brian Harvey (Bridgewater).

Our next “Top Cue” tournament will be on the 25th April at Mill
St. Club, Wincanton, Somerset. A changed format will give 24
amateur players the chance to compete for the Top Cue rose bowl and
salver. In the evening Chris Shutt will be giving an exhibition game
starting around 7.15pm, paired against the winner of the tournament in
a two hour match. Full details and entry forms available in February/
March from Colin (01747 860836) or Jack (01963 33197).

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