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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1999

ABC Stoke

The Reardon, Stoke on Trent (Sunday 18th April 1999)

Fresh from their starring roles in the English Amateur
Championships, Lee Lagan and Phil Welham both came down to
earth with a bump in the last ranking tournament of the season. Lagan,
having won his preliminary game, lost heavily in the first round to Jim
McCann, who included a top break of 99 in his one hour aggregate of
435. Phil Welham also lost in the first round to Derick Townend,
although by the narrow margin of 18 points. Top performances of the
first round came from Neal Rewhorn who had breaks of 120 and 84 in
a total score of 431, and Peter Shelley whose breaks of 116 and 76
gave him an identical total.

Paul Bennett made the highest aggregate of the day in the second round,
his 572 total being helped by breaks of 121, 100, 69, 62 and 57.
Continuing in top gear, Bennett then knocked in another three centuries
in his quarter-final match, including a 155 which was the highest of
the day. Stephen Crosland also had a break of 113 in his quarter-final
victory, but in the semi´s he was unable to match the consistency of
Darren Kell, losing by almost 200 points.

Paul Bennett, who later admitted to feeling “burned out” after the
performances of the previous rounds, also found it hard going against
Peter Shelley. In an exciting finish, Shelley came from behind with an
unfinished break which gave him victory by 29 points.
Peter had less trouble in the final, where breaks of 151 and 71 helped
him to a 215 points win over Teessider Darren Kell. Shelley received
the winner´s cheque of £120, and Kell took £60 as runner-up.

Darren Kell
93, 69, 52
334 Gary Rogers
Stephen Crosland
390 Johnny Hills
Paul Bennett
155, 118, 101, 84
566 Norman Routledge
Peter Shelley
85, 79
317 Jim McCann
Darren Kell
92, 85
380 Stephen Crosland
Peter Shelley
76, 72, 70
284 Paul Bennett
75, 71
Peter Shelley
151, 71
461 Darren Kell

Phil Welham had some recompense for his early departure from the
main competition when he won the Plate event, defeating Paul Dunning
in the final.

Ranking Positions

The top ten ranking positions at the end of the season are : 1) Paul
Bennett; 2) Stephen Crosland; 3) Darren Kell & Phil Welham; 5) Lee
Lagan; 6) Gary Rogers; 7) David Nichols & Peter Shelley; 9) Tony
Keeling & Neal Rewhorn. A full list will appear in the next issue of
the Amateur Billiard Player.

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