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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1999

News from the Editor’s Chair

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My first editorial is causing me some pain. For one who has the
reputation of ‘talking the hind leg off a donkey’, finding words is
akin to extracting molars from the lower jaw. However, there´s so much
news on the billiards scene at the moment I should quickly get into my
stride. My new role as editor of the Amateur Billiards Player will, I’m
sure, give me as much pleasure and satisfaction as my first fifty years
of playing, refereeing, coaching, and promoting the game. My pride in
taking on this responsibility will be coupled with a determination to
bring to you the news, character and humour we share at local, national
and international levels. Politics will have no place in this journal. To
achieve quality in our publication and inspire interest in our readers a
partnership is required between readers and reporters. News from grass
roots, as well as from the higher echelons, is essential to provide a
comprehensive coverage of our sport, increase circulation, and give our
subscribers a good read. The production team of Peter Ainsworth, Paul
Dunning and myself will work hard to give you a quality magazine.
Please help us to help you by sending us the news and topics that your
friends and colleagues enjoy reading.

Photo of Lee Lagan (22k)

1999: Lee Lagan
takes his
first major

Nineteen Ninety Eight was an extremely good year for billiards, and a
year which for me realized a few personal ambitions. In August Paul
Bennett, Peter Shelley and myself travelled to Melbourne, Australia,
for the Waiter Lindrum Centenary Billiards Championship. Our trip
‘down under’ gave us memories to last a lifetime. The friendship and
camaraderie between players and officials from all nations was a joy to
experience and epitomised the integrity and stature of our sport. The
competition and quality of individual performances was stunning and a
fitting tribute to the name of Walter Lindrum.

Newmarket in November was a classy venue for the inaugural triangular
international match between England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic
of Ireland. England emerged comfortable winners of the Amateur
Billiards International Trophy and in the process the three participating
countries established invaluable friendships and sporting ties. Our
congratulations must go to the England team, who, to a man, played
with admirable spirit and team loyalty. They played a gentleman’s game
in true gentlemanly fashion and delighted the spectators with their skill
and tenacity. I was very proud to be associated with a team that
represented its Country with such pride and passion. All parties look
forward to the second leg in Dublin in 1999. As always, on these

occasions things don’t always run as smoothly as expected. The match
schedule was pretty tight and the Republican team set off from
Newmarket in their mini-coach for Stanstead Airport and home with
not too much time to spare. On the slip road from the A11 to the airport
the party were held up by security checks. This caused some panic in
the Republican ranks, being mindful of the departure time from the
airport. However, the intrepid Aidan Murray, an experienced long
distance runner of some high repute, who incidentally has a Wicklow
mountain at the bottom of his back garden, nobly, and in true Olympian
style, jogged his way to the departures desk at Stanstead and pleaded
with the officials to hold the flight to Dublin. All was well, the bold,
puffing, shuffling Republican team dashed through the departure gate
and boarded the aircraft with seconds to spare. Well done Aidan, and
thank you Tommy Martin, and your team, for being such fine sportsmen
and exceedingly good company.

(Overheard at Newmarket ‘What a wonderful experience to see so many
fine billiards players in action at the same time under the same roof’)

1999 promises to be another exciting year in English Billiards with a
new Pro-Am tournament “The Dagley Open” being staged at the
Newmarket Snooker Centre in June, and the prospects of the IBSF
Championship being held in the Northern hemisphere.


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