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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999


Dress Code

At the Annual General Meeting of the Association, which took place
on Saturday 17th April, the matter of dress code for players taking part
in EABA tournaments was discussed, and the following resolution
was passed : “That the dress code will be set out at each stage of the
competition and the Tournament Director will strictly apply it. Any
player contravening the dress code will be disqualified immediately”.
As formal dress requirements may apply only to the later stages of
competitions, all players should carefully examine the conditions of
each tournament they enter and ensure they are suitably attired at all


From 1st September 1999, all tournaments and competitions under the
jurisdiction of EASB shall be played with an approved set of billiard
balls comprising of a white, a yellow and a red ball. The size and
weight tolerances of these balls must be as laid down in the Rules of
the Game of English Billiards, Section 1, Rule 2 “Balls”.
The WPBSA professional billiard players have been playing
international tournaments with the Aramith Tournament Champion
balls for at least four years, and the use of these balls can be
recommended with confidence.

Junior Championships

It has been decided to hold the final stages of the Under-19 Junior
Championships alongside the EASB Amateur Snooker Championships
which are scheduled to take place at Newcastle upon Tyne in May
1999. Details of the playing arrangements have yet to be confirmed.
The Under-16 Championships, which had previously been held at the
same time and venue as the Juniors, will now take place independently.

Dagley Trophy

Norman Dagley´s widow, Nita, has generously donated to the EABA
the trophy he won for the World Open Billiards Championships in
New Delhi in 1989. This event, played under the 150 up format, was
intended as a series of Grand Slam events involving additional
tournaments in Bombay, Singapore and New Zealand. However, this
first Championship also proved to be the last, leaving Norman in
permanent possession of the trophy. It is intended that it will now be
awarded to the winner of the ABC ranking tournament at The Reardon,
Stoke which is traditionally held after the association´s AGM in April.

Roll of Honour 1998/99

English Amateur Billiards Championship

Winner: Lee Lagan
(Middlesbrough); Runner-up: Phillip Welham (Kings Lynn)

Grand Masters Billiards Championship

Winner: Stephen Crosland
(Burley in Wharfedale); Runner-up : Peter Shelley (Stoke on Trent)

County Billiards Championship

Winners: Cleveland ‘A´ (Paul
Bennett, Darren Kell, Lee Lagan); Runners-up: Norfolk (Phil Welham,
Fos Wilson, David Nichol)

Junior Under-16´s Championship

Winner: Robin Wilson
(Middlesbrough); Runner-up: Allan Taylor (Liverpool)

Junior Under 19´s Championship

Winner: Matthew Sutton
(Kettering); Runner-up : Jim Chambers (Addenham)

National Junior Team Championship

Winners: Raunds, Northants.
(Dean Bavister, Matthew Sutton, Frazer Adams); Runners-up: Ormesby
Institute, Middlesbrough. (Robin Wilson, Mark Coates, Max Cook)

Highest Break of the Season

Lee Lagan (Middlesbrough) 269. Made
against Paul Bennett in the semi-final of the English Championship.

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