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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999


1998-1999 SEASON

1 Robin Wilson (Cleveland) 140
2 James Chambers (Cambridgeshire) 135
3 Matthew Sutton (Northants.)130
4 Dean Bavister (Northants.) 81½
5 Martin Shutt (Cleveland) 78½
6 Ben Hooton (Cleveland)68½
7 Billy Bousfield (Cleveland)61
8 Fraser Adams (Northants.) 54
9 Calvin Dawes (Norfolk)52½
10 Darren Clark (Cleveland)52
11 John Hartley (Cleveland)50
  Danny Thompson (Cleveland)50
13 Chris Appleton (Cleveland)45
14 Mark Coates (Cleveland)42½
  Gavin Lewis (Norfolk) 42½
16 Scott Casey (Cleveland)40
 Anthony Peacock (Cleveland) 40
18 Peter Gamblin (Lincoln)37½
19 Tony King (Cleveland)36
20 Gary Lewis (Norfolk) 35
  Lee McKenna (Cleveland) 35
  David Wells (Norfolk) 35
23 Dominic Mulhall (Cleveland)32
24 David Phillips (Cleveland) 30
  Arron Spencer (Norfolk) 30
  Allan Taylor (Liverpool) 30
27 Keiran Hopkinson (Norfolk) 27½
28 Matthew Downes (Lincoln) 25
  Craig Murphy (Cleveland) 25
  Paul Thompson (Cleveland) 25
31 Paul Bean (Lincoln)23½
32 Max Cook (Cleveland)23
33 Jeff Henderson (Cleveland) 22½
34 Michael Wright (Cleveland) 21
35 Darren Bensley (Norfolk) 20
  Stephen Bingham (Cleveland) 20
 John Gallafant (Cleveland) 20
  Jason Thomas (Cleveland) 20
 James Whiles (Cleveland) 20
  Michael Price (Cleveland) 20
41 Glen Blythman (Cleveland)17½
  Mark Hollifield (Cleveland)17½
43 James Girling (Norfolk) 15
  Robbie Harvey (Cleveland) 15
  Tony Lodge (Cleveland) 15
  Jason Thorpe (Norfolk) 15
47 Michael Gibbens (Cleveland)13½
48 Jason Ames (Norfolk)10
  Alan Bannsiter (Cleveland)10
  David Butler (Cleveland)10
  Paul Close (Cleveland)10
  Michael Evans (Cleveland)10
  Paul Gifford (Lincoln)10
  Sian Kidd (Norfolk)10
 Adam Longstaff (Cleveland)10
  Nathan Mann (Norfolk)10
  Leon Massingham (Norfolk)10
  Mark Watering (Norfolk)10
  Stephen Welsby (Liverpool)10
  Phillip Wilson (Cleveland)10

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