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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999


Inn off the Park, Middlesbrough (Sunday 25th April 1999)

An entry of 38 youngsters for the fourth junior ranking event at
Middlesbrough confirmed the increasing popularity of this
competition. As could be anticipated, the usual star performers were
supplemented by a high proportion of players from Teesside. These
included Phillip Wilson, elder brother of Robin, who was making his
first appearance of the season. Advancing through the first round, he
fell victim to Matthew Sutton in the last 16.

All games on the day were of one hour´s duration, and in the first
round Matthew Sutton set an early standard for the competition with a
break of 58. John Hartley also contributed a break of 50 in his win
over Martin Shutt. The high scorers of the early rounds were David
Butler (328), Darren Clark (312) and Robin Wilson (309). The closest
encounter occurred in the preliminary round where Chris Appleton
edged out Anthony Peacock by just 3 points.

The second round saw England Junior International, Robin Wilson
aggregate 421 points in defeating fellow Teessider Craig Murphy.
Matthew Sutton also posted a high score, recording 418 in his game.
In addition to his duties as Tournament Director, John Hartley continued
to compete to a high standard, producing a break of 53 against David
Butler, while Lee McKenna went one better with a 54 break, both
players progressing to the quarter finals.

The quarter-finals saw Wilson again reach 400 points in an hour with
breaks of 40 and 38 in a victory over Ormesby team mate Mark Coates.
Cambridge’s James Chambers had breaks of 46 and 45 to beat Billy
Bousfield of Teesside 286-174. Sutton had runs of 48 and 42 in a
comfortable victory over McKenna, whilst Hartley struggled to beat
team-mate and practice partner Darren Clark by 31 points.

Robin Wilson hit top form in the semi-finals, as breaks of 96 and 64
took him to a 95 point win over James Chambers. Hartley, playing his
last junior tournament due to the competition age limitations, almost
made it an event to remember as he came close to a victory over Matthew
Sutton. The pair played a tactical battle and although Hartley was in
play at the final bell he finished six points in arrears.

The final saw Sutton start well, making a 59 break, but Wilson countered
this with a fine 91 which helped him to a narrow victory by just 14
points. In addition to the £50 winner’s prize, Wilson’s 96 in his semifinal
match also earned him the high break award.

Main Competition Results :

First Round (1 hr)
Robin Wilson 309, Michael King 230; Craig
Murphy 204, Dean Bavister 177; Mark Coates (30) 205, Scott Casey
141; John Gallafant 182, Michael Gibbens 177; Billy Bousfield 244,
Paul Thompson 130; Danny Thompson 240, Tony Lodge 80; David
Phillips 240, Dominic Mulhall 162; James Chambers 270, Jason
Thomas 101; Lee McKenna 284, Fraser Adams 269; Michael Wright
204, Ben Hooton 172; Matthew Sutton (58) 257, Jeff Henderson 147;
Phillip Wilson 239, Stephen Bingham 138; John Hartley (50) 254,
Martin Shutt 209; David Butler 328, Paul Jones 97; Darren Clark 271,
Mark Hollifield 185; Chris Appleton 232, Jason Robinson 157.
Second Round
Robin Wilson
421 Craig Murphy
Mark Coates
234 John Gallafant
Billy Bousfield
269 Danny Thompson
James Chambers
253 David Phillips
Lee McKenna
320 Michael Wright
Matthew Sutton
418 Phillip Wilson
John Hartley
295 David Butler
Darren Clark
226 Chris Appleton
Quarter Finals
Robin Wilson
40, 38
400 Mark Coates
James Chambers
46, 45
286 Billy Bousfield
Matthew Sutton
48, 42
264 Lee McKenna
John Hartley
250 Darren Clark
Semi Finals
Robin Wilson
96, 64
352 James Chambers
Matthew Sutton
209 John Hartley
Robin Wilson
274 Matthew Sutton

Martin Shutt won the plate competition beating Paul Smith of
Middlesbrough 173-103.

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