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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 1999

Professional News

WBA Calendar 1999-2000

World Championship

Tuesday 3rd – 8th August : Taj Residency Connemara, Madras, India

UK Championship

Monday 22nd – 26th November : Harrogate Spa Hotel, Harrogate, UK

Northern Open

Monday 29 November – 3rd December : North Ormesby Institute,
Middlesbrough, UK

World Matchplay

Tuesday 29th February – 3rd March : Centurion Hotel, Radstock, UK

The WBA have advised that these dates are still provisional
and may be subject to change.

The World Championship will once again be under the sponsorship of
Florsheim, the shoe manufacturer and the event will carry a total prize
fund of £45,000. This year, the championship will return to a fixed
points format with all rounds being 1,000 up, the semi-finals 1,500 up
and the final 2,000 up. An unusual feature will be the timing of the
intervals for these matches. In the final, for instance, an interval will
not be taken until one player reaches 1,500 or the joint score totals
2,000. In the heat of Madras, this may make the event something of a
test of endurance for some players.

A fixed-points format will be applied to all the tournaments this season
and was introduced to overcome a perceived advantage which could
be gained by players who deliberately slowed their game.

To reinforce this, a new ruling will also be introduced to specifically
address time-wasting and slow play. The WBA have announced that it
will come into force in time for the World Championships. As we go to
press, no further details of the rule have been released.

The England v India test match that was due to be played during mid
July in India has now been postponed until after the 1999 Florsheim
World Championships. It is hoped that this will now take place in
Bombay either late September or early August.

Lindrum Masters

The multi cue-sports tournament, the Lindrum Masters, has once again
attracted an international field who will compete at the North Sydney
Anzac Memorial Club, Cammeray, Sydney, between 10th-13th August
1999. The players are:

 Eddie Charlton, Quinten Hann, Stuart
 Roxton Chapman, Steve Davis, Peter Gilchrist, Joe
Johnson, Mike Russell, Willie Thorne, Jimmy White. 
 Geet Sethi.
 New Zealand
 Dene O'Kane. 
 Mike Massey, Jim Rempe.

Football Supremo joins WPBSA

Photo of Peter Middleton (22k)

Former Teesside lad, Peter
Middleton, has been appointed
Chief Executive of the WPBSA
(Photo courtesy of Snooker Scene)

Further to the re-election of Rex Williams as Chairman and Ray Reardon
as Vice Chairman, the WPBSA have further boosted their Executive
strength by appointing Peter Middleton as their new Chief Executive.
Middleton, 59 years-old, who is currently the Chairman of The Football
League took up his appointment on 1st June 1999. Middleton comes
to the job, which he will share on a part-time basis with his Football
League duties, with an impressive background in business and sport.

An ex-Teesside lad, Middleton went
to school in Middlesbrough and his
early life included a five year spell
in a monastery. He then spent 16
years with the Diplomatic Service
before joining Midland Bank
International as Head of Business
Operations in 1985. Other positions
in the business world include Chief
Executive of the Thomas Cook
Group, Lloyds of London and
Solomon Brothers International. He
took up his post as the first
independent Chairman of The
Football League (which excludes
the Premiership) in November

One of his first public functions came on 5th July when he announced
the resignation of WPBSA Secretary Martyn Blake and Development
Manager Terry Crabb.

WBA Ranking Positions

After some internal discussion, the official WBA ranking list for the
1998/99 season was eventually issued on 15th March 1999 and resulted
in the following placings. Last year´s positions are in brackets :

1 (1) Mike Russell 137
2 (2) Geet Sethi115
3 (6) David Causier69
4 (5) Robby Foldvari64
5 (3) Peter Gilchrist61
6 (15) Chris Shutt 59
7 (12) Nalin Patel42
8 (4) Roxton Chapman41
9 (8) Ashok Shandilya 36
10 (7) Devendra Joshi32
11 (28) Peter Sheehan 25
12 (10) Ian Williamson25
13 (11) Subhash Agrawal 20
14 (20) Manoj Kothari19
15 (9) Bob Close18
16 (25) Arun Agrawal16
17 (17) Rex Williams 15
18 (13) Michael Ferreira12
19 (16) Mark Wildman11
20 (14) Alok Kumar11
21 (19) Eugene Hughes 8
22 (-) Rupesh Shah6
23 (21) Mukesh Rehani 5
24 (23) B Bhaskar 5
25 (29) Chandresh Shah 3
26 (22) Steve Naisby3
27 (31) Ishmit Malik2
28 (32) Aditya Goenka 2
29 (-) Andrew Sage2
30 (29) Satish Amarnath2
31 (-) Mark Hirst 1
31 (-) Ashot Potikyan1
33 (26) Stephen Hardcastle 1
33 (26) Martin Spoormans1
35 (24) David Sneddon0
36 (32) Dinkar Akolkar0

As mentioned in the previous issue of the ABP, a new ranking point
system was applied during this season which resulted in a tournament
winner receiving 21 points as opposed to just five points in previous
years. Winners of earlier rounds have also had their points
proportionately increased.

So, although the overall position is calculated on three years results,
those who had a good season in 1998/99 have made significant
improvements. Most noticeable amongst these is Peter Sheehan, who
has risen from No.28 to No.11. Indian players, Ashok Shandilya and
Devendra Joshi have dropped out of the important top eight, with their
places being taken by Chris Shutt and Nalin Patel.

It is known that some of the professionals, Peter Gilchrist and Mike
Russell amongst them, were in favour of back-dating the new points
system to cover all qualifying years. This would seem logical at first
sight, but it is understood that “legal problems” have prevented what
may have been viewed as back-dating the entry terms and conditions
of these events.

The new-look top eight seedings anticipate quarter-final pairings of
Geet Sethi v Roxton Chapman, Peter Gilchrist v Robby Foldvari, David
Causier v Chris Shutt and Mike Russell v Nalin Patel.

Darley Dale

The Darley Dale professional invitation event will be held at the
Mechanics´ Institute on Sunday 14th November 1999.
As mentioned in the previous issue of the ABP, a new ranking point
system was applied during this season which resulted in a tournament
winner receiving 21 points as opposed to just five points in previous
years. Winners of earlier rounds have also had their points
proportionately increased.

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