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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1999

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1999


An Everyday Story of Contrary Folk

When we reported the appointment of Peter Middleton as the Chief
Executive of the WPBSA in our last issue, we little realised the catalyst
for change this would become. Middleton lasted only two months in
the job before the majority of the Board decided he was not after all,
the right choice, and refused to confirm his contract of employment.

This decision was seen to have been instigated by Chairman Rex
Williams and Bob Close. The minority of the Board, lead by Steve
Davis then called for Williams and Close to be sacked and an EGM
involving all voting members of the Association was arranged for
Monday 25th September to decide upon this issue. In response, Williams
and Close tabled a motion, to be heard at the same meeting, that Steve
Davis, Dennis Taylor and Jason Ferguson should be removed from the
seven member Board. However, as the “proxy” votes started to arrive
in advance of the EGM, it became clear that the vote would go against
Williams and Close who resigned their positions three days before the
meeting was held. When the EGM took place, members confirmed the
removal of Williams and Close whilst rejecting the motion to remove
the other three. Mark Wildman and Terry Griffiths were subsequently
co-opted onto the Board to fill the vacancies and Wildman was voted
in as Chairman. Both the co-opted members will have to stand for
election at the AGM in December if they intend to continue on the
Board beyond that date. Meanwhile, Peter Middleton has accepted an
invitation to return as Chief Executive.

WBA Ranking Positions

Following the World Professional Championships, the revised ranking
positions are as follows :

(1) Mike Russell153
(2) Geet Sethi106
(3) Peter Gilchrist76
(4) David Causier 69
(5) Chris Shutt 68
(6) Robby Foldvari57
(7) Nalin Patel45
(8) Peter Sheehan37
(9) Ashok Shandilya35
(10) Arun Agrawal34
(11) Roxton Chapman31
(12) Devendra Joshi 29
(13) Manoj Kothari21
(14) Ian Williamson16
(15) Subhash Agrawal15
(16) Bob Close14
(17) Rex Williams13
(18) Rupesh Shah12
(19) Balachandra Bhaskar 9
(20) Mark Wildman9
(21) Michael Ferreira9
(22) Alok Kumar6
(23)Eugene Hughes6
(24) Mukesh Rehani 5
(25) Aditya Goenka2
(26) Ishmit Malik2
(27) Andrew Sage2
(28) Chandresh Shah2
(29) Satish Amarnath 1
(30) Mark Hirst1
(31) Ashok Potikyan1
(32) David Sneddon0

Steve Naisby, Stephen Hardcastle, Martin Spoormans and Dinkar
Akolkar, who have not competed for some years now, have all been
removed from the list although they remain members of the Association.

Sethi takes top Award

Geet Sethi took the Fred Davis Billiards trophy when he was voted
“The Billiards Player of the Year” at the WPBSA Annual Awards
Luncheon held at the Cafe Royal, London on Friday 8th October. The
other nominations were Mike Russell and Chris Shutt.

UK Tournament Dates

The first tournament on the UK circuit will be held at The Harrogate
Spa Hotel, Harrogate over four days from Tuesday 23rd November.
This will be immediately followed by the Northern Open at North
Ormesby Institute, Middlesbrough from Monday 29th November to
2nd December.

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