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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000


The Atack Snooker Centre, Nuneaton.

Sunday 5th March 2000

The final stages of the Grand Masters Billiards Tournament were
once again held at the Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton, by kind
permission of Mr. Bob Coales.

Gareth Wakeford was immobilised by a back complaint on the morning
of the competition and was unable to take part. The news was delivered
to the organisers personally by Michael Wright, who continued to be
helpful by staying on to give Tony James – Wakeford’s intended
opponent – a warm up game.

Photo of Peter Shelley (8k)

Peter Shelley takes the
English Grand Masters title.

In the quarter-finals there were
comfortable wins for Richard
Lodge, David Rees and Peter
Shelley. Peter had put up a
disappointing performance the
previous day in the CIU National
Billiards at Batley, being eliminated
by Darren Kell. He had left that
venue muttering “Someone will
pay” and we didn’t have to wait too
long to find out who he had in
mind. A sparking performance
against the unfortunate Bill
Andress saw Shelley put together
a two hour aggregate of 788 which
included breaks of 65, 141, 77 and

In the semi-finals Peter Shelley had
a much closer win over Tony James, breaks of 82 and 78 helping him
to a 58 point victory. Richard Lodge had a more comfortable win over
David Rees and looked to be coming into his best form with a string of
50+ breaks.

The final was played on the club’s match table and the shaved cloth
seemed to cause problems for Richard Lodge. Peter Shelley however,
managed to adjust to the changed conditions more readily, making his
second century of the day with a run of 128. Additional breaks of 86
and 64 were enough to see him through to a comfortable victory
Last year’s Champion and EABA committee member, Mr. Stephen
Crosland, thanked the referees and markers for their invaluable
assistance and introduced Mr. Allan Hughes OBE the Association’s
treasurer, who presented the prizes. The highest break of the tournament
was one of 188 made by David Rees in the earlier stages. All matches
were two hours duration.

Richard Lodge
513 Tony Henke
David Rees
68, 65, 51
581 Ronnie Haigh
Tony James
w/o Gareth Wakeford
Peter Shelley
141, 77, 65, 50
788 Bill Andress
Peter Shelley
82, 78
466 Tony James
Richard Lodge
69, 67, 58
488 David Rees
Peter Shelley
128, 86, 64
686 Richard Lodge

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