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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000

Teesside Round-up

Redcar & District League

Lee Lagan bettered his own high break of 213 in the Redcar League,
putting together a run of 218 unfinished when visiting Redcar WMC.
Lagan represents North Ormesby Institute in the League and plays
from a handicap of -100 in the 200 up games. On 8th February he then
equalled this break on his home table, playing against John Hartley of
Eston Institute. Darren Kell, who plays from the same handicap as
Lagan, also had a good break of 155 while representing Beechwood &
Easterside during a league match against the St. Mary’s Club.
Lee Lagan (-200) took the Redcar League Individual Championship
in an excellent final match against Jeff McKeown (-20) at the Eston
Institute on 29th March. McKeown held onto his handicap advantage
for much of the game, at one time extending his lead to over 250 points.
But breaks of 54, 58, 71 and 117 within the space of six visits, brought
Lagan back within striking distance, and in a final flourish, with
McKeown just 43 points from game, Lagan aided by a 72 break
collected the 110 points he needed to win in his last three visits.


Final round
Lee Lagan (117, 72, 71, 61, 58, 54) 600 [av 18.4]; Jeff McKeown (rec.180) (61, 61, 60) 557 [av 11.8]

Teesside Friendly League

In the Teesside Friendly League, Robin Wilson now playing in the
senior League for “B” Division team Ormesby Institute, produced a
fine achievement when he made a break of 119 unfinished to win his
game 120-0.

Priory player, Mark Graham, must be wondering what he has to do to
win a game against the Hemlington team. Last season we reported his
loss to Lee Lagan after making a break of 108. This year, he made a
break of 66 against Mark Hatton, but still finished on the losing side,
as the Hemlington player put together a break of 95 to win 120-72.

Ironopolis virtually ensured that they would finish on top of the “A”
Division when they entertained their nearest rivals, Hemlington, and
put up a superb performance to win 10-0. In the first game, Ironopolis
player Geoff Charville was put under pressure when Mark Hatton
produced an early run of 35, but he responded magnificently to win
the game with a 91 break. Darren Kell then produced breaks of 49 and
65 to give Martin Shutt no chance. Hemlington’s Lee Lagan broke off
in the last game looking to salvage some points from the match, but
Paul Boden, playing with a borrowed cue, took the advantage with a
break of 46. A break of 11 from Lagan proved to be his last chance as
Boden wrapped up the game at his second visit with an unfinished run
of 74.

Teesside Boys’ Billiards League

Robin Wilson was the star performer for Ormesby Institute as they
won the Team Knock-Out Cup for the third time in four years, defeating
holder’s Elm Tree in the final. Robin made breaks of 106 and 43
unfinished to win his 30 minute game 292-34, the huge aggregate
difference setting his team on the winning path. This was the first century
break of the season in League competitions.

Southfield & District League

Robin Wilson (Ormesby) joined an elite group of players when he
completed a “perfect” game in the Southfield League, scoring his
required 120 points in a single visit. Unfortunately, some of the gloss
was taken off his achievement by the local newspaper which, under
banner headlines, credited the performance to “Robin Williams”.
In the early rounds of the Individual Billiards competition, which is
150 up, Lee Lagan ran to game with an unfinished break at his very
first visit to the table. His opponent, Mick Fiddes, is a hundred break
player at both billiards and snooker, but on this occasion he was given
only the opportunity to break off!

Cleveland Billiards & Snooker League

Richard Beckham (Redcar WMC) became the Cleveland League’s
Individual Billiards Champion when he defeated Ricky Warrior (Ennis
Square) at Carlin How WMC on 23rd March. Beckham overcame his
handicap of -135 to take the League’s first billiard title of the millennium.
His win included a top break of 67.

Final Round Result
R. Beckham (-135) 250 [ave 11.0]; R. Warrior (+40) 188 [ave 4.1]

CIU (Cleveland Branch) Games League

Simon Snee (Old Thornaby) defeated team-mate Davy Weatherall to
win the League’s Individual Billiards Championship. The final was
played at the Thornaby National Reserve Club in March.

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