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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000
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National Individual Billiards
Championship – Final

With both Darren Kell and Geoff Charville having entered the CIU Individual Championship from the Acklam Garden City Club in
Middlesbrough, the 3-hour final of the competition was held at that
venue, being played on Saturday 29th April. Unlike last year, when a
special table was erected, the match was played on the club’s billiard
table. This came with such a reputation that although Charville had
made a run of 106 on this surface in an earlier round, there were confident
predictions that the competition high-break of just 109 by Peter Shelley,
would be difficult to beat.

Photo of Darren Kell (8k)

Darren Kell is presented with the
winner’s trophy by CIU representative
Colin Wright

Play started cautiously, but quickly came alive as Kell took an early
lead with a break of 65. Thereafter a period of unremitting safety-play
saw Charville gradually claw back this deficit and establish an advantage
at one stage of 88 points. Charville’s main strength is red-ball play, and
he employed this technique well to make several small but useful
contributions, “ten-hazards” being called by the referee on a number of
occasions. Towards the end of the first session Kell fought back, a
break of 90 recovering lost ground and putting him briefly into the lead.
The first session finished with Charville again front 297-257, the
respective averages of 9.0 and 7.8 reflecting the careful nature of the

The second session saw a
slightly more open game, with
Kell, helped by a break of 59,
regaining the lead at 361-319.
Charville responded with his
best spell of the match which
included runs of 53, 52 and 47
in the space of four visits. This
gave him an advantage of 50
points, which Kell immediately
reduced with a break of 44, and
with 20 minutes remaining, the
scores where once more locked
together. With both players

now starting to look a little

nervous, Charville was still just
in front by a slender 9 points
entering the last 8 minutes. At this point Kell drew on his greater
experience and held himself together to compile a crucial break of 46,
leaving Charville just 3 minutes to make up the deficit. This he failed to
do, although he did close to gap to just 15 points at the end. Kell’s
winning total of 584 just managed to avoid the dubious distinction of
being the lowest ever made in a final since to competition changed to a
time format in 1954. That particular accolade still belongs to Alf Nolan
with his 572 scored against Dave Edwards in 1989.

Darren Kell, who was also the winner of this event in 1997, received
the trophy and cheque for £500 from Colin Wright who was representing
the CIU. Charville took £300 as runner-up and the high-break prize
went to Peter Shelley whose 109 in an earlier round was enough to earn
him £100. The match official was John Rhodes from the Teesside
Referees Association.

Final Score
Darren Kell
90, 65, 59
584 (10.1)Geoff Charville
53, 52
569 (9.8)

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