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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000


All Games One Hour

Gateshead – Sunday 9th April 2000

The last of the season’s Junior Ranking competitions was scheduled
to take place at Middlesbrough, but a change in management at the
intended venue resulted in a rapid search for an alternative location.
Unable to find anywhere suitable on Teesside, the organisers were
forced to go further North and eventually settled on the Gateshead
Snooker Centre in Newcastle. This resulted in extra travelling for all the
competitors—there being no interest from the Tynesiders—but a total
of 28 players still completed the journey from the more traditional
billiards areas.

The preliminary round saw Robin Wilson overpower James Clare, his
380 point total being the highest of the round. Jimmy Chambers was
also scoring well, although he had more difficulty in throwing off the
challenge of Darren Clark who made a break of 39 but finished on the
wrong side of a 334-243 result. Another high scoring match came from
Teessiders Craig Brown and Michael Donnelly. Brown does not compete
in the Teesside Boys’ League, but is evidently coping well enough
without this additional competitive experience, as he came through this
match 322-268. Jeff Henderson had a break of 42 which helped him to
put out the new under-16 Champion, Peter Gamblin, with a 271-235
scoreline. Billy Bousfield also looked in fine form as he made a personal
record break of 55 to overcome Scott Casey 319-173.

In the first round (last 16) Martin Shutt made an impressive entry to
the competition with a string of big breaks. Runs of 74, 48, 47 and 32
saw him comfortably home against Craig Murphy. With most of the
first round winners producing some heavy scoring, it was once again
Robin Wilson, with a best break of 49, who led the way with a 436-179
result against Daniel Beagrie. In two of the closest finishes of the day,
Andrew Fairley edged out Craig Brown by 19 points, and John Hall
played an excellent game to defeat Redcar’s Jason Robinson by a slender
14 point margin.

John Hall was again involved in a close match in the quarter-finals, but
this time he finished on the losing side, going down 243-232 to Billy
Bousfield. In another exciting finish, Chris Appleton edged out Steven
Hassack by just 9 points. However, the pairing of the round was

undoubtedly Wilson versus Shutt, who were scheduled to meet in the
final of the under-19 Championship the following month. A break of
44 by Shutt gave him an early advantage, but this was soon matched by
a run of 45 from Wilson. Another break of 58 helped Wilson to open a
significant gap and, as Shutt struggled to put his game together, he
forged further in front. Going into the last ten minutes of the match,
Wilson looked to be “safe” with a lead of over 130 points. At this point
Shutt showed something of his potential with a rapid-fire 77 break,
played at a pace which would have done credit to is elder brother.
However, with just 4 minutes remaining and the deficit still over 50
points, the task proved too great, and Wilson completed a 357-279
victory. In the remaining quarter-final match, Jimmy Chambers, the
sole survivor from the Southern contingent, produced another solid
performance to defeat Andrew Fairley. His 364-244 result included a
break of 53.

Perhaps Billy Bousfield is just unlucky, or perhaps there is something
in his game which brings out the best in Robin Wilson. Having suffered
a massive defeat a Lincoln when Wilson produced a top break of 102,
Bousfield again found Wilson in unstoppable form in their semi-final
encounter. A string of big breaks, many unrecorded, were topped with
runs of 118 and 76 as Wilson set a record one-hour aggregate for the
Junior Ranking Tournaments with a total of 612. Whilst this match
took the attention of most spectators, Jimmy Chambers also eased his
way into the final with a comfortable victory over Chris Appleton.
The final was a disappointingly one-sided affair as Wilson put in early
breaks of 46, 33 and 43 before Chambers managed a contribution in
double-figures. Then a fine break of 110 by Wilson took him to a lead
of 285-83 after 30 minutes. This looked to have settled the match as a
serious contest, and so it proved. Although Chambers began to find his
touch in the second part of the game, he never really threatened to make
a recovery, his best run of 57 coming with the match already beyond his

Preliminary Round
Jimmy Chambers
334 Darren Clark
Craig Brown
322 Michael Donnelly
Andrew Fairley
281 Stephen Bingham
Chris Appleton
268 Paul Thompson
Graham Palmer
277 Marc Gofton
Jeff Henderson
271 Peter Gamblin
Craig Murphy
278 Phil Dales
Daniel Beagrie
242 Robert Hall
Robin Wilson
380 James Clare
Billy Bousfield
55, 30
319 Scott Casey
Mark Coates
245 Anthony Peacock
John Hall
291 Jason Thomas
First Round
Jimmy Chambers
367 Christopher Clare
Andrew Fairley
256 Craig Brown
Chris Appleton
330 Graham Palmer
Steven Hassack
335 Jeff Henderson
Martin Shutt
74, 48, 47, 32
379 Craig Murphy
Robin Wilson
436 Daniel Beagrie
Billy Bousfield
306 Mark Coates
John Hall
245 Jason Robinson
Quarter Finals
Jimmy Chambers
364 Andrew Fairley
Chris Appleton
260 Steven Hassack
Robin Wilson
58, 45
357 Martin Shutt
77, 44
Billy Bousfield
243 John Hall
Semi Finals
Jimmy Chambers
305 Chris Appleton
Robin Wilson
118, 76
612 Billy Bousfield
Robin Wilson
110, 64, 46, 43, 42, 33
476 (14.0)Jimmy Chambers
57, 36, 31
277 (6.9)

Peter Gamblin maintained his interest until the end of the day by
defeating Robert Hall 170-95 in the 30-minute final of the Plate.


The individual championships for the Teesside League were decided
at the South Bank St. Peter’s Club on Wednesday 7th June with the
destination of both the League trophy and the under-15’s title being
decided. All games were 30 minutes duration.

Photo of Michael Donnelly (8k)

Michael Donnelly wins the Teesside
U-15 Championship.

The under-15 championship was won by Michael Donnelly
(Riley’s) who defeated team-mates John Hall and Daniel Beagrie in
the semi-final and final respectively. This victory represented a
tremendous achievement for Donnelly who has been playing the
game for less than a year. In his semi-final match 13 year-old Daniel
Beagrie had a fine win over the experienced Scott Casey, who had
reached the final of this event in 1997 and was no stranger to “big-
match” situations.

Robin Wilson and Chris Shutt again found themselves in opposition
in the “senior” (under-19) final and Wilson once more confirmed
his superiority, winning by some fifty points. In his semi-final
game against Darren Clark, Wilson—who had the additional
distraction of being in the middle of his GCSE exams at school—
had impressed with a fine break of 85. This was made even more
impressive by being compiled on the notoriously tight St. Peter’s
billiard table. Martin Shutt also made a break of 42 in a massive 210
aggregate win over Jason Robinson in his semi-final match.

Ralph Macklin U-15 Championship

Michael Donnelly (Riley’s)
137 John Hall (Riley’s)
Daniel Beagrie (Riley’s)
159 Scott Casey (Elm tree)
Michael Donnelly
148 Daniel Beagrie

Albert Hanson Individual Championship

Robin Wilson (Ormesby)
197 Darren Clark (Eston Inst.)
Martin Shutt (Elm Tree)
210 Jason Robinson (Redcar WMC)
Robin Wilson
168 Martin Shutt

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