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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000


Middlesbrough Friendly League

Having met a couple of weeks previously in the final of the Redcar
League Championship, Lee Lagan (Hemlington) and Jeff McKeown
(South Bank Albion) found themselves once more in opposition in the
final of the Friendly League Individual Billiards Championship held at
the Ironopolis Club on 27th April. Playing from a handicap of -60 in
the 200-up game, Lagan started slowly before a fine break of 161
overtook the 100 points start he was conceding to McKeown. From
that point he wrapped up the game with two smaller contributions of
40 and 34, leaving his opponent still almost 100 points short of his
target. In the semi-finals Lee Lagan made a break of 139 unfinished to
defeat Ian Phillips (St. Francis), while McKeown overcame Steve Best
(Billingham Soc.) Final: L. Lagan (161) 260 [av 21.7]; J. McKeown
(rec.100) 169 [av 5.3]

Southfield League

Darren Kell (Ironopolis) became the Southfield League Individual Billiard
Champion when he narrowly defeated Mark Hatton (Hemlington) by
250-225. Kell had a break of 78 and Hatton one of 68. In their semi-
final games, Kell had an even narrower victory over team-mate Geoff
Charville, scraping home 200-198. Meanwhile, Hatton had put up a
remarkable performance to defeat Lee Lagan with just three scoring
visits, 133, 42 and 25 unfinished, the final score being 200-24.

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