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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000



Professional player, Peter Sheehan featured in the finals of both the
Merseyside Individual Championship and the North West
Championship. In the former event he successfully conceded 200 points
start in the preliminary rounds of 400-up making a break of 246 in his
semi-final game against Tony Done. In the 500-up final he made breaks
of 157, 135, 96 and 76 to defeat L. Agnew by 201 points.

Playing from the same handicap in games of 300-up in the North West
Championship, he again made it to the final including a high break of
263 in his quarter-final match. In the 400-up final he met Dennis Marr,
who found the increased handicap of 275 start more than was needed,
as he defeated his professional opponent by a margin of 160 points.

North West Championship.

P. Sheehan (owe 200) 300, E. Fielding 254; D. Marr
300, N. Routledge 182.
D. Marr 400, P. Sheehan (owe 275) 240.

Merseyside Championship.

P. Sheehan (owe 200) (246) 400, A. Done 350; L.
Agnew (56) 400, K. Jones (67) n/r.

P. Sheehan (owe 200) (76, 135, 157, 96) 500, L. Agnew

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