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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001


All games one hour duration

Northern Area

Thornaby Snooker Centre, Teesside (Sunday 19th November 2000)
Photo of Uner-19 Qualifiers (13k)

Under-19 Qualifiers from the North : L-R Darren Clark, Billy Bousfield,
Robin Wilson, Michael Donnelly

Defending Champion, Robin Wilson was the star of the Northern Area
qualifiers as he brushed aside the challenges of Steven Hassack and
John Hall to win through with ominous ease. Of the other qualifiers, 14
year-old Michael Donnelly looked like making an early exit when he
trailed Riley’s team-mate Danny Beagrie by almost 50 points entering
the closing minutes. However, his last two visits produced breaks of 34
and 18, which were just enough to edge him 7 points ahead at the bell.
His subsequent qualifying match against Stephen Bingham was more
comfortable than the 266-231 scoreline would suggest, Donnelly easing
up considerably at the end.

That perennial competitor, Billy Bousfield, was the only player required
to undertake three matches, but came through them all to take his place
in the line-up for the final stages in Lincoln. Darren Clarke will make up
the four representatives from Teesside. He easily disposed of his
opposition on the day in impressive fashion.

Preliminary Round
Billy Bousfield (39) 299 Jeff Henderson 258
First Round
Billy Bousfield (41) 355 Daniel Britnell 141; Mark Coates 282 Marc Gofton 121;
Michael Donnelly (46, 34) 246 Daniel Beagrie 237; Darren Clark 387 Phil Dales 144; John Hall
276 Graham Palmer 238; Robin Wilson (65, 56, 47) 455 Steven Hassack 175; Stephen Bingham
w/o James Clare scr; Anthony Peacock w/o Michael Evans scr.
Qualifying Round
Billy Bousfield 235 Mark Coates 196; Michael Donnelly 266 Stephen Bingham
231; Darren Clark (45) 352 Anthony Peacock 133; Robin Wilson (59, 41) 410 John Hall 236.

Midlands Area

Breaks Snooker Centre, Lincoln (Sunday 19th November 2000)

There were just two entries from the Midlands Area, with Peter Gamblin
and Robert Hall lining up to decide which of them would qualify for the
final stages at the same club in February. After one hour there was just
18 points between the players, with Gamblin taking the honours on
this occasion.

Qualifying Round
Peter Gamblin (32) 242 Robert Hall 224.

Southern Area

The Maltings Q Club, Kings Lynn (Saturday 10th December 2000)

There were no big surprises in the Southern Area as Jimmy Chambers
and Matthew Sutton both booked their places for the final stages.
Chambers, produced a couple of fifty breaks in his two heats, and
Sutton also had a string of good breaks to ease his way past his two
opponents. Calvin Daws came through as the third qualifier from the
region, although he was made to work hard by James Roberts. Daws
edging home with a narrow 6 point victory in their deciding match.

Preliminary Round
Jimmy Chambers (51, 40)288, Neil Attew 110; Nathan Mann 200, Paul
Gifford 125; Gavin Lewis 150, Darren Noble 139; Matthew Sutton (50, 42, 41, 40) 287, Andrew
Thompson 94; Calvin Daws 207, Arron Godsmon 149; James Roberts 229, James Edwards 198
Qualifying Round
Jimmy Chambers (51) 277, Nathan Mann 110; Matthew Sutton (49, 40, 40,
32, 30) 291, Gavin Lewis 101; Calvin Daws 222, James Roberts 216.

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