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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001


Whitworth Institute, Darley Dale

Sunday 19th November 2000 – All games 50 minutes

Chris Shutt had little time for celebrating his victory in the World
Open in Middlesbrough, being called into action the very next day
at Darley Dale in rural Derbyshire. The annual invitation tournament
had the same line-up as last year, with Chris Shutt being joined by
Mike Russell, Peter Gilchrist and Paul Bennett in the usual series of 50
minute games.

Photo of Mike Russell (6k)

Mike Russell outclasses his
opponents at Darley Dale.

Despite early breaks of 72 and 64 by
Mike Russell, his first match against
Bennett failed to reach any great
heights. Bennett’s performance,
considering that he was the winner of
this event last year, being particularly

Russell’s next game against Peter
Gilchrist appeared to be going much
the same way, with Gilchrist, thanks
mainly to an early 61 break,
establishing a narrow 115-100 lead.
At this point Russell stepped up
several gears, producing breaks of 82,
132 and 330 unfinished in his next four
visits to run out a 562-164 winner.
This triple century proved to be the

highest of the day, although Russell threatened to pass it in his final
heat against Chris Shutt when he made a run of 281. Both of these
games gave him impressive match averages of over 70.

Peter Gilchrist contributed to the day’s entertainment with a fine break
of 228 against Chris Shutt. Even so, he needed to finish with a 61 at his
last visit to edge out the new “World Open” Champion by just 34
points. Back-to-back breaks of 102 and 180 against Paul Bennett were
enough to secure Gilchrist the last game of the day and conclude another
successful exhibition by some of the World’s best players.

Russell’s three wins gave him the first prize in addition to the “Norman
Dagley Trophy” for the highest break. Peter Gilchrist, with his wins
over Shutt and Bennett, finished second.

Full Results
M. Russell
72, 64
406 (17.7)P. Bennett
105 (4.6)
P. Gilchrist
228, 62, 61
407 (45.2)C. Shutt
108, 91, 59
373 (41.4)
M. Russell
82, 132, 330unf
562 (70.3)P. Gilchrist
164 (18.2)
C. Shutt
130, 100
338 (26.0)P. Bennett
262 (21.8)
M. Russell
281, 136, 56
505 (72.1)C. Shutt
102, 61, 52
265 (37.9)
P. Gilchrist
180, 102, 62
505 (36.1)P. Bennett
185 (12.3)

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