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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001


(All Games One Hour)

Breaks SC, Lincoln – 25th February 2001

Last year, the final of the Under-19 Billiards Championship was
held over and played as part of the EASB Snooker finals at
Newcastle. Considered to be something of an unsuccessful experiment,
this year the event reverted to it’s traditional format and was played
out in full alongside the Under-16 and County Team Championships at
the Breaks Club in Lincoln.

Defending Champion, Robin Wilson took the title for the fourth time,
and in so doing, set a new record for the competition. He had previously
shared the honour of most Under-19 Championship wins with Steve
Naisby (1983-85) and Willie Thorne (1971-73), but this latest win
puts the seventeen-year-old out on his own.

However, this all looked to be a very remote possibility as he started
his quarter-final match against Matthew Sutton who, with an early
break of 87, established a very big lead. Few players, even at senior
level, could have hoped to overcome Sutton in a one-hour match faced
with this deficit, but Wilson, to his credit, managed just that and finished
winner by 62 points.

Peter Gamblin, who was attempting the enormous task of winning no
less than three National titles on the same day, started well with an
impressive 404-202 win over Billy Bousfield which included breaks of
73, 59 and 55. Michael Donnelly, who was also going for a “double”
fared less well against Jimmy Chambers and despite a break of 48 went
down 309-222, Chambers making the best break of the round with a
74. Teessider Darren Clark completed the semi-final line-up, a run of
53 being the feature of his 305-208 win over Calvin Daws.

Clark was less successful against Jimmy Chambers who dominated
their semi-final match to win 322-144. Chambers, again looking solid,
contributing a break of 56. Robin Wilson having struggled in the previous
match now scored freely with some exhibition billiards to end the
involvement of Peter Gamblin. Breaks of 82, 53, 52, 51, 45 came from
the Teesside star as he ran up the day’s best one-hour aggregate of 441
in a 263 point victory.

Although always in front, Wilson found it difficult to shake off a
tenacious challenge by Jimmy Chambers over the early part of the
final. Then a break of 65, followed soon afterwards by another of 42,
opened a gap of 112 points on the scoreboard. Wilson maintained this
advantage to the end and eventually finished a 354-193 winner.

Jimmy Chambers (74) 309 Michael Donnelly (48) 222; Darren Clark (53) 305
Calvin Daws 208; Robin Wilson 282 Matthew Sutton (87) 220; Peter Gamblin (73, 59, 55) 404
Billy Bousfield 202.
Jimmy Chambers (56) 322 Darren Clark 144; Robin Wilson (82, 53, 52, 51, 45) 441
Peter Gamblin 178.
Robin Wilson (65, 42, 41) 354 (av 11.1) Jimmy Chambers 193 (av 5.8)

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