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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001


(All games 2 hours)

Competition Proper – Atack Snooker Centre, Nuneaton (4th March 2001)

Photo of Stephen Crosland (6k)

Stephen Crosland wins the
English Grand Masters for
the second time.

Stephen Crosland secured his second English Grand Masters title at
the Atack Snooker Centre where the surviving eight veterans played
out the closing stages of the competition on 4th March 2001.

Crosland had started with a comfortable
win over Derick Townend while defending
Champion, Peter Shelley, surprisingly
went out in his first match to Dennis Marr.
Dennis continued his good form by
defeating Terry Azor to reach the final,
while Crosland overcame the challenge of
Brian Harvey to set up the deciding match.
This proved to be Crosland’s easiest game,
with his first two scoring visits producing
42 and 75. Although Marr responded
immediately with a run of 53 he was
unable to make further impression on
Crosland who dominated proceedings to
win 632-371.

Terry Azor
561 Michael Wright
Dennis Marr
62, 59, 51
505 Peter Shelley
59, 50
Brian Harvey
79, 72, 52
681 Ivan Chambers
Stephen Crosland
525 Derick Townend
Dennis Marr
404 Terry Azor
Stephen Crosland
66, 54, 50
632 Brian Harvey
57, 53
Stephen Crosland
76, 75, 67, 67, 58 71, 53
642 (16.1)Dennis Marr
371 (9.3)

REGIONAL QUALIFIERS (4th February 2001)

The event was split into four regional qualifying areas designed to
reduce the 37 entries to the eight players who would compete at
Nuneaton in the Competition Proper. All groups were played on Sunday
4th February and the games were two hours duration.

THE NORTH (Club House, Bradford)

Alf Nolan, having missed the English Championship qualifiers due to
illness, was again indisposed and compelled to withdraw from the
Grand Masters, his first round opponent, Stephen Crosland receiving
a bye. Nolan’s regular travelling companion, Tony James, made the
long journey from Tyneside to Bradford and put together one of the
best performances of the day to defeat Branson Hoole 611-396. Breaks
of 96, 70 and 58 assisting in his first round win.

Tony James’ run came to an end in the qualifying round when he was
defeated by Stephen Crosland 554-362. Also going through to the
competition proper were Dennis Marr, who had a narrow 18 point
victory over Richard Lodge and Derick Townend, who had an even
closer match against Rodney Sims, coming through by just 6 points.

Preliminary Round
Ronnie Haigh 469, John Ingleby 266; Dennis Marr 465, Ron Whitten 398.
First Round
Rodney Sims 422, Ronnie Haigh (50) 387; Derick Townend 516, Brian Watson 329;
Tony James (96, 70, 58) 611, Branson Hoole 396; Dennis Marr 679, David Richardson 283;
Richard Lodge 646, Norman Routledge 411; Stephen Crosland w/o Alf Nolan scr.
Qualifying Round
Derick Townend 477, Rodney Sims 471; Stephen Crosland (57, 51) 554, Tony
James 362; Dennis Marr (83) 487, Richard Lodge (64) 469.
Qualifiers: Derick Townend, Stephen Crosland, Dennis Marr.

THE MIDLANDS (Spondon SC, Derby)

Peter Shelley was the outstanding performer at Spondon making eight
50+ breaks in his two games to qualify from a group significantly
reduced by absentees, Both Fos Wilson and John Rees being too ill to
travel. Ivan Chambers snatched the second qualifying place, when he
defeated David Rees by just six points.

First Round

Peter Shelley (72, 58, 51) 600, John Smith 340; David Rees 379, Jim McCann (72)
363; Tom Terry w/o, John Rees; Ivan Chambers w/o, Fos Wilson.

Qualifying Round
Peter Shelley (89, 77, 69, 67, 50) 642, Tom Terry 455; Ivan Chambers 461,
David Rees 455.
Qualifiers: Peter Shelley, Ivan Chambers

THE SOUTH WEST (Riley’s, Exeter)

Brian Harvey was the qualifier from the South West, defeating Martin
Phillips and Bill Andress from the pool of five entries. Harvey also
made the only century from this area with a break of exactly 100.

Preliminary Round
John Howell (58, 52, 51) 605, Dick Watts 409.
First Round
Bill Andress 632, John Howell 428; Brian Harvey (100, 92, 83, 58) 742, Martin
Phillips 316.
Qualifying Round
Brian Harvey (95, 68, 67) 745, Bill Andress (61, 53, 51, 50) 512.
Qualifier: Brian Harvey

THE SOUTH (Newmarket SC)

Michael Wright came through three rounds to qualify from the Southern
Area. His hardest battle was in the qualifying round where he overcame
Colin Summers 511-470. Terry Azor was the other qualifier from this
area, a break of 82 being the highlight of his 607-418 victory over Chris
Ross in the deciding heat. Although on the losing side, Ross had made
breaks of 74 and 61 in this match, which added to runs of 71, 68 and 56
made in the previous round against Ivan Stevenage.

Preliminary Round
Colin Summers 449, Gareth Wakeford 398; Michael Wright 570, Albert Beard
First Round
Colin Summers 443, Ernest Shorney 398; Michael Wright 747, Jock McGregor 291;
Chris Ross (71, 68, 56) 590, Ivan Stevenage 277; Terry Azor 572, Robert Shanks 436.
Qualifying Round
Michael Wright 511, Colin Summers 470; Terry Azor (82) 607, Chris Ross (61,
74) 418.
Qualifiers: Michael Wright and Terry Azor

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