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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001


(All Games One Hour)

Northern SC, Leeds – Sunday 7th January 2001

Robin Wilson looked a class above the competition at the Leeds
Snooker Centre as he notched up another win in the Junior series
without ever appearing to be seriously threatened.

Preliminary Round

Wilson started the day with breaks of 93 and 58 in
his preliminary tie against Jason Thomas, running up a 336-112
scoreline. Also looking in good form were Steve Hassack and John Hall
who, without any major contributions, still managed to better Wilson’s
total with 352 and 382 respectively.

First Round

In his first round match, Robin Wilson stepped up a gear
against Steve Hassack to produce a crushingly consistent display. With
a string of minor break’s in the 20s and 30s he put together a total of 430
points, giving him a winning margin of 230. Another big winner was
Michael Donnelly who defeated his Riley’s team-mate, Danny Beagrie,
345-232. John Hall produced the highest break in this round, a 48.

Quarter Finals

Darren Clark put up a spirited challenge to Robin
Wilson including a run of 42 in his total of 238. But this was insufficient
to match the scoring power of Wilson, who with contributions of 68
and 45 made sure of a comfortable win by 116 points. Peter Gamblin
looked impressive as he dominated his match against Michael Donnelly
winning 358-220. A break of 55 being the highlight of some fluent and
confident all-round play. Matthew Peaker reached his first semi-final
with a victory over Calvin Daws and was joined by John Hall who
finished with a narrow 8 point advantage over Graham Palmer.

Semi Finals

John Hall had the unenviable task of facing Robin Wilson
in the semi-final and was duly dispatched 411-188. Wilson making
breaks of 68 and 57. A general shortage of referees for the event resulted
in these players having to “field-out” and score themselves. They were
not assisted in this task by a table which regularly deposited the cueball
on the floor through a damaged centre-pocket net!
Matthew Peaker had an only slightly less daunting obstacle in his path
to the final as he met the Under-16 Champion Peter Gamblin. Although
both players made 30+ breaks, it was Gamblin who proved stronger,
winning 244-188. Nevertheless, a good performance from Peaker who
remains the solitary representative from central Yorkshire on the Junior


Peter Gamblin, who had played so confidently in the previous
rounds, looked significantly less self-assured in the final against Robin
Wilson. He was certainly given plenty of opportunities to shine as the
Teesside player also struggled to find his touch. However, even well
below his best, Wilson was always scoring more strongly and completed
a 316-192 victory without any significant contributions from either

Full Results

Preliminary Round
Steven Hassack 352, Jason Robinson 206; Robin Wilson (93, 58) 336,
Jason Thomas 112; Robert Hall 184, Neil Hall 126; Darren Clark 238, Darren Noble 211; John Hall
(41) 382, Phil Dales 190.
First Round

Robin Wilson 430, Steven Hassack 200; Darren Clark 291, Robert Hall 157; John
Hall (48) 290, Anthony Peacock 179; Graham Palmer 246, Billy Bousfield 236; Calvin Daws 239,
Marc Gofton 128; Matthew Peaker 247, Dominic Mulhall 202; Peter Gamblin 256, Kyle
Cunningham 144; Michael Donnelly (37) 345, Daniel Beagrie 232.

Quarter Finals
Robin Wilson (68, 45) 354, Darren Clark (42) 238; John Hall 263, Graham Palmer
255; Matthew Peaker 224, Calvin Daws 195; Peter Gamblin (55) 358, Michael Donnelly 220.
Semi Finals
Robin Wilson (68, 57) 411, John Hall 188; Peter Gamblin (35) 244, Matthew Peaker
(36) 188.
Robin Wilson 316, Peter Gamblin 192.
Photo of  (11k)

Line-up at the Northern Snooker Centre. L-R: John Hartley (Tournament Director),
Calvin Daws, Peter Gamblin, Ian Williamson (Proprietor), Robin Wilson (back),
Neil Hall (front), Danny Beagrie, Robert Hall.

Breaks SC, Lincoln – Sunday 4th February 2001

The fourth of this year’s junior ranking series took place at the Breaks
Club in Lincoln with a rather disappointing entry of just 19 players,
over half of whom had made the journey from Teesside. The Teesside
squad included a couple of new names on the circuit, Trevor Snaith and
14 year-old Anthony Hartshorn. The latter player in particular is an
exciting prospect and although he had limited success on the day, he
managed to provide plenty of excitement in those matches with which
he was involved. After losing by seven points in the main competition,
he won the first round of the plate by just 5, before going out in his next
match by only 3 points!

Robin Wilson chose not to compete in this event, and in his absence
Matthew Sutton kept up the remarkable domination of the junior ranking
tournaments by this pair, which have all been won by one or the other
since January 1999.

Receiving a bye in the Preliminary Round, Sutton entered the
competition against the Teesside newcomer Trevor Snaith, giving the
youngster something of a baptism of fire as he produced breaks of 59,
45, 33 and 32 in a 404-54 scoreline. Craig Murphy also put up a good
performance to defeat fellow Teessider Phil Dales 409-262. Breaks of
44 and 34 assisting in this win. Also looking good and producing useful
breaks in their opening round victories were Danny Beagrie (49, 47,
36); Craig Brown (42); Billy Bousfield (39); Peter Gamblin (34, 30);
Michael Donnelly (35) and Graham Palmer (32, 31).

Matthew Sutton continued his good form in the quarter-finals, making
breaks of 70, 50 and 41 to impressively dispose of Peter Gamblin 336-
102. Danny Beagrie struggled to overcome Billy Bousfield 252-239,
while Craig Brown, despite breaks of 52 and 38, still finished 28 points
behind Craig Murphy. The semi-final line-up was completed by Michael
Donnelly who had runs of 39 and 35 in a somewhat more comfortable
win over Graham Palmer.

The semi-finals produced some excellent matches. Fifteen year-old
Craig Murphy almost pulled off a shock result over Matthew Sutton
as he put together his highest ever competitive break of 78 (the day’s
best) to give himself every chance approaching the final minutes of
their match. However, the next opportunity went to Sutton who
compiled a decisive break of 21 to clinch the game by just 13 points.
Michael Donnelly also faced a daunting task as his team-mate Danny
Beagrie swept into a commanding lead with early breaks of 49 and 32.
Donnelly however, hit back with runs of 43, 34 and 32 to win 331-243.
In the final, Matthew Sutton took an early lead with breaks of 45 and
38, but Donnelly kept up with his illustrious opponent and helped by
runs of 50 and 32 had edged in front mid-way through the match. The
turning point came when a bad kick caused Donnelly to miss an easy
middle-pocket in-off. Sutton exploited the resulting position to compile
a carefully crafted 61 break and establish a lead which Donnelly could
not recover. The final score of 304-207 gave Sutton his fifth win in
junior ranking events.

Preliminary Round
Billy Bousfield (39) 323, Darren Noble (31) 154; Robert Hall 229, Anthony
Hartshorn 222; Daniel Beagrie (49, 47, 36) 358, Michael Wright 257.
First Round
Billy Bousfield 305, Robert Hall 158; Daniel Beagrie 268, Nathan Mann 125;
Graham Palmer (32, 31) 326, Daniel Britnell 252; Michael Donnelly (35) 327, Kyle Cunningham
204; Peter Gamblin (34, 30) 270, Neil Hall 163; Matthew Sutton (59, 45, 33, 32) 404, Trevor Snaith
54; Craig Brown (42) 283, Calvin Daws 240; Craig Murphy (44, 34) 409, Phil Dales 262.
Quarter Finals
Daniel Beagrie 252, Billy Bousfield 239; Michael Donnelly (39, 35) 329, Graham
Palmer 246; Matthew Sutton (70, 50, 41) 336, Peter Gamblin 102; Craig Murphy (37) 353, Craig
Brown (52, 38) 325.
Michael Donnelly (43, 34, 32) 331, Daniel Beagrie (49, 32) 243; Matthew Sutton (48)
273, Craig Murphy (78) 260.
Matthew Sutton (61, 45, 38) 304, Michael Donnelly (50, 32) 207.

The Plate competition was won by Teesside’s Daniel Britnell, who
defeated Calvin Daws 283-234 in the one-hour final. Michael Wright
had put up a good performance in the earlier rounds to make a 30
minute aggregate of 228 in his match against Nathan Mann, which
included breaks of 47 and 39.

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