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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001

News from the Editor’s Chair

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The season came to a satisfactory conclusion at Stoke on Trent on
Sunday the 8th April. A successful Annual General Meeting on the
Saturday, followed by a celebration dinner at ‘The Reardon’ in the
evening rounded off a year that could be considered by many to be a
landmark in the story of English Billiards. A significant improvement
in the standards of play, higher breaks, higher averages, and more junior
entries into national competitions gave those involved in the organization
of tournaments an optimistic view of the future.

Apart from congratulating all those well-known individuals who take it
upon themselves to organize the sport, we must not lose sight of those
unsung heroes who turn up, regular as clockwork, from far flung areas
of the Empire to support the game. The Jock McGregor’s, the Bill
Andress’ and the Albert Beard’s of the billiards fraternity, and all those
intrepid referees, who give time and energy to help the sport along.
Many people help in so many different ways, this combined support
giving the sport its backbone and fine reputation, and giving vitality to
its continuity. Mention must be made at this point of the improvement
of players tournament dress, particularly with the juniors. The image
of ourselves to outsiders as a sport with pride and character can not be
over emphasized.

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Darley Dale sees a
top class
display from
Lee Lagan, The English

A well attended Annual General Meeting gave the members present
ample opportunity to voice their opinions on the matters under
discussion. As generally expected, the amended constitution was well
received and the Association effectively became an Independent body.
One member was concerned that the Association did not abandon its
links with the professional game. The member was assured that the
Association had no intention of severing links with any other body, but
that the E.A.B.A. was now fully autonomous, and it had aims and
principals of its own. Affiliations to other bodies would only be sought
where those affiliations were thought to be in the best interest of its
members, and the members themselves would decide by democratic
means if those affiliations were acceptable. It was agreed at the ordinary
meeting that took place immediately after the A.G.M. that letters
would be sent to all relevant International bodies informing them of the
E.A.B.A. decision, its reason for doing so, and outlining its aims and

The launch of the E.A.B.A. 200 Club, with already over one hundred
members, gave a great boost to the confidence of members at Stoke.
The 200 Club which gives automatic membership to the E.A.B.A. and
a chance to win cash prizes four times a year from an expected
prize money pool of £1000, has proved popular with the billiards
fraternity and is well on its way to target. Counties, Leagues, as well as
individuals have shown great interest in the venture and membership is
steadily growing. The E.A.B.A. Committee is pleased to record that
several cash donations were made to the Association to coincide with
its changed status. A very kind gift of £1000 was donated anonymously
as were several other large cash gifts connected with setting up formalities.
The Association is very grateful to these most generous benefactors
and can assure them that their support is much appreciated and will be
put to good use.

On the Saturday night at Stoke some of the supporters of the weekend
event were considerably inconvenienced. A power cut at one of the
local hotels necessitated all the guests being evacuated from their hotel
and relocated to any hotel with a bed, in some cases as far apart as
forty-five miles. Thankfully everyone was accommodated and the Hotel
waived charges for the weekend. On the Sunday the Hotel was fully
occupied by a Clairvoyant and Mystic Convention. A little inside
information can be quite useful.

Derick Townend

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