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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001


The Reardon, Stoke
(Sunday 8th April 2001)

All games one-hour

The final event on the Amateur Billiards Circuit took place at The
Reardon, Stoke on Sunday 8th April. There was a relatively light
entry of 40 competitors, but they had plenty to play for with no less
than 16 players still in contention for the important top eight places in
the rankings. Lee Lagan, who was clear in the No.1 position decided to
miss the event, but he was not so far in front of the field that he could
not be overtaken. For this to happen, Peter Shelley would have to win,
while Darren Kell or Phil Welham could also tie the No.1 spot with
overall victory on the day.

Paul Dunning was the only one of the top eight contenders to be
involved in the Preliminary Round and overcame the first hurdle with
an impressive 447-56 win over Dick Watts which included breaks of 86
and 56.

The first round saw Dunning progress again, albeit with more difficulty,
at the expense of Matthew Sutton. He was joined by all the main
contenders with particularly good performances from Peter Shelley
(with breaks of 81, 73, 51), Stephen Crosland (60, 59, 56), Brian
Harvey (80, 62) and Tony Done (88, 55). However, the star performance
of the round came from Michael White, who with breaks of 149 and 68,
demolished young Graham Palmer 446-88.

The second round saw Peter Shelley continue in impressive form,
breaks of 70, 66 and 63 contributing to a 467-113 win over Matthew
Peaker. The match between Stephen Crosland (73, 53) and Jim McCann
(91, 52) could not have been much closer, with Crosland getting home
by just 5 points! Paul Dunning had breaks of 145 and 68 in another
classy performance against Tony Done, but Phil Welham lost his chance
of getting to No.1 position when he went out to Tony James.

Darren Kell, who had been quietly progressing through the rounds,
suddenly came to life in the quarter-finals when he demolished the inform
Paul Dunning with runs of 137, 107, 72 and 58 unfinished, giving
his opponent no chance. Dennis Marr ended any thought of Peter
Shelley taking the No.1 spot with runs of 108, 86 and 64 contributing
to a fine 358-172 win. Stephen Crosland and Brian Harvey completed
the semi-final line-up with victories over Bill Andress and Tony James

Crosland continued his good form with a comprehensive 474-144 victory
over Dennis Marr in the first semi-final. This proved to be the highest
aggregate total of the day and included breaks of 111, 66 and 62.
Meanwhile, Darren Kell overcame Brian Harvey with an equally
comfortable 378-150 win.

Kell, who had a disappointing start to the season, took a leap up the
ranking positions when he had reached the final of the English
Championship a few weeks previously, and was now within one match
of finishing the season level with Lee Lagan as English No.1. Stephen
Crosland however, had other plans, and a cautions final round saw him
emerge victorious by 256-207. Even so, Kell finished at No. 2 in the
season’s ranking list and Crosland with this victory went to No.3. The
remaining places were Peter Shelley (4th), Brian Harvey and Phil Welham
(equal 5th), Bill Andress (7th), Paul Dunning and Jim McCann (equal
8th). A full ranking list appears on the back cover of this issue.
The 2000-01 season had seen 117 players take part in the Amateur
Billiards Circuit at an average of just under 50 competitors at each of
the six events. The English Championship with 73 entries made up the
full compliment of ranking competitions.


Preliminary Round
Ted Warren 216 Ronnie Haigh 214; Dennis Marr (66, 50) 339 John Smith 128;
George Bell 125 Jock McGregor 85; Norman Routledge 250 Peter Ostrowski 150; David Rees
248 Ron Whitten 102; Tony Done 314 Michael Wright 127; Matthew Sutton 257 David Peaker 139;
Paul Dunning (86, 56) 447 Dick Watts 56.
First Round
Dennis Marr 305 Ted Warren (50) 145; Norman Routledge 263 George Bell 111;
Matthew Peaker 209 Steve Poynton 192; Peter Shelley (81, 73, 51) 404 Clive Scott 218; Jim
McCann (52) 315 Robert Shanks 178; Steve Crosland (60, 59, 56) 436 Ivan Stevanage 81; Bill
Andress 389 Bob Slee 126; John Hartley 267 Martin Phillips 175; Tony James 257 Paul Raynor
155; Phil Welham (77) 380 John White 138; Michael White (149, 68) 446 Graham Palmer 88; Brian
Harvey (80, 62) 390 Alf Nolan 146; Phil Davis 189 Billy Bousfield 130; Darren Kell 202 Tom Terry
189; Tony Done (88, 55) 289 David Rees 213; Paul Dunning 231 Matthew Sutton 172.
Second Round
Dennis Marr 209 Norman Routledge (50) 189; Peter Shelley (70, 66, 63) 467
Matthew Peaker 113; Steve Crosland (73, 53) 215 Jim McCann (91, 52) 210; Bill Andress (68) 318
John Hartley (70unf) 266; Tony James 270 Phil Welham 240; Brian Harvey 284 Michael White
206; Darren Kell 300 Phil Davis 111; Paul Dunning (145, 68) 337 Tony Done 130.
Dennis Marr (108, 86, 64) 358 Peter Shelley 172; Steve Crosland (75, 59) 338 Bill
Andress 252; Brian Harvey 226 Tony James 204; Darren Kell (137, 107, 72, 58unf) 437 Paul
Dunning 95.
Steve Crosland (111, 66, 62) 474 Dennis Marr 144; Darren Kell (79, 68, 52) 378 Brian
Harvey 150.
Steve Crosland (80, 71) 256 Darren Kell (50) 207.
Plate Competition

Graham Palmer made an impressive debut on the senior circuit at Stoke
when, after a disastrous opening match in the main competition, he
pulled himself together to win the Plate event, defeating Tom Terry
174-165 in the one-hour final. The 16 year-old plays in the same team
as Robin Wilson in the Teesside Boys League.

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