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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001



Australian Open Championship

Photo of Matthew Bolton (6k)

Matthew Bolton, winner of the Australian
Open receives his trophy from Geoff Millicap
(President of the Queensland B&SA).

West Australian Matthew Bolton has won his second consecutive
Australian Open Billiards title, at the age of just 21. The event was
played from 14th-20th May in the VIP Matchroom at Super 8
Entertainment Centre in Brisbane.

Bolton´s performance in the six hour final was one of the finest displays
of billiards seen in Australia for many years, defeating Victorian David
Collins in the final 3,083-959. It included a break of 649, the highest
break made at an Australian Billiards Championship since 1961, as
well as a 364, three other breaks over 200 and five more breaks over
100. This gave him an average of around 46 points every time he
walked to the table.

The 2,124 point difference in scores is a testament to Bolton´s
dominance in the match. David Collins was undefeated in his round
robin group, and won his quarter final and semi final matches
convincingly, but the amount of time he was kept away from the table
in the final made it impossible for him to develop a rhythm.
The match began with a few small breaks, then after fifteen minutes
Bolton began a break with some work to do before attaining ‘top of the
table´ position—receiving a ten hazard warning before moving the yellow
ball behind the spot. Once the balls were in position they were rarely
out of control, and the break grew to 364. Left with a very thin cannon
to hold position, or an in-off yellow for open play, Matthew opted for
the cannon and narrowly missed, which left the score at 450-10.
The score at the end of the first two hour session was 725-165, with
Matthew on a break of 34. A few members of the crowd were a little
slow in settling down, which broke Bolton´s concentration and brought
the break to an end at 36.

Twenty minutes into the second session the 649 break began, which
was played almost entirely at the top of the table. The hundreds rolled
by in quick succession as he passed the earlier mark of 364 and his high
break from last year of 452. With the break at 497, the red was sitting
near the top cushion and the white placed awkwardly, needing to cue
over the yellow. Bolton steeled himself and potted the ball, then clenched
his fist and whispered “Yes” as he reached 500.

Collins attempted to come back later in the session, but could only
achieve one century break in the match with a 153. At the end of the
second session the scores were 1,785-642. Matthew continued his
dominance in the final session with three double centuries and 1,288
points for the session, passing the 3,000 mark in the last five minutes
of the match.

In his victory speech, Matthew said that he felt “more humble than
proud” to have beaten Collins by such a margin, and admitted: “Even I
didn´t know I could play that well.” Collins had nothing but praise for
Bolton in his speech, and said “the scary thing is, I think he´s getting
better.” With a player of this standard at such a young age, Australian
billiards looks set for a strong future.

Adam Wyard (Cue Talk Magazine)
Results (knock-out stages)
18th May 2001. Quarter Finals (3 hrs)
Matthew Bolton (123,
114, 139, 124, 201, 133, 135) 1370 Frank Humphreys 408; George Ganim Jnr (154) 839 Tim
Walters 745; Joe Millen 741 Mark Hammer 677; David Collins (119, 126, 114) 1063 Ian Gilbee
19th May 2001. Semi Finals (4 hrs)
Matthew Bolton (115, 275, 232, 147) 1403 George Ganim Jnr
(140, 177) 995; David Collins (252, 114) 1518 Joe Millen 702.
20th May 2001. Final (6 hrs)
Matthew Bolton (364, 110, 123, 649, 121, 201, 165, 219, 140, 201)
3083 (av 46.0) David Collins (153) 959 (av 14.3)

Australian National Championship

Photo of David Collins (5k)

David Collins, the 2001 Australian
National Champion, examines his
trophy—Photos Adam Wyard.

David Collins defeated Matthew Bolton six games to three to win the
Australian National Billiards Championship which, as last year, was
played using the 50-up multiple game format. The event was staged
alongside the Australian Open Championship and followed on from
the session play of the time-limit event, making it a long day those
players involved in the final stages of both competitions. Finishing 4
hours play in the semi-finals of the “Open” Bolton—who was then
scheduled to play his best of eleven final in the “National”—was heard
to remark “Now 50-up, that’s the last thing I want to do”. There was a
3 way tie for the highest break, a 54, which was achieved by Matthew
Bolton, David Collins, and Tim Walters. Defending champion, Robby
Foldvari, did not enter this year.

Results (50up games)
17th May 2001. Quarter Finals (Best of 7)
Matthew Bolton bt. Chee
Yap 4-1; Tim Walters bt. Frank Humphreys 4-1; Joe Millen bt. Adrian Hinks 4-0; David Collins
bt. Mark Hammer 4-2.
18th May 2001. Semi Finals (Best of 9)
Matthew Bolton bt. Tim Walters 5-2; David Collins bt.
Joe Millen 5-4.
19th May 2001. Final (Best of 11)
David Collins bt. Matthew Bolton 6-3

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