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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001


Pinewood Park, Upper Sherringham, Norfolk
(24th March 2001)

Photo of Mike Russell (17k)

Mike Russell accepts his prizes from a representative of Sands Agricultural Services
after winning the SAS Charity Challenge at Pinewood Park.

Mike Russell retained his S.A.S title in fine form by defeating Chris
Shutt in the final. Russell saved his best of the day for the final
when at his 2nd visit to the table he produced a break of 233, he
followed this with a 203 and 267 on the 3rd and 4th visits respectively.
After a contribution of 10, the World Champion added another excellent
break of 267 (6th visit) to take his lead at the time to 1013-24. To his
credit Shutt who had been given few chances, came back with an excellent
cavalier break of 307 (scored in 17 minutes) to reclaim a little dignity,
and also make the highest break of the day.

Earlier, during the round robin stages, there had been some surprises,
most notably when 2000 English Amateur Champion, Phillip Welham,
defeated Mike Russell. David Nichols gained a good scalp when

defeating Paul Bennett, while Matthew Sutton played very well all day
and was unlucky not to qualify for the semi-finals.

Russell collected £125 as winner, and Shutt £75 as runner-up. Nichols
and Welham took £25 as losing semi-finalists. The Eastern Counties
Billiards Association promoted the event which was again sponsored
by Sands Agricultural Services of Pinewood Park. Next year it is planned
to increase the field to 12 or 16 players, with an even greater prize pool,
while the event itself will be played over two days (Friday/Saturday).
Norfolk based charity “Break”‘ benefited by £466 from the proceeds of
the event.

Source: Phillip Welham

Round Robin (All games 75 minutes)

Group One
Matthew Sutton
101, 95
363 (24.2)Phillip Welham
203 (13.5)
Phillip Welham
133, 89, 69
480 (30.0)Mike Russell
343 (21.4)
Mike Russell
232, 172, 84
549 (61.0)Matthew Sutton
215 (23.8)
Group Two
David Nichols
79, 77, 71, 56
466 (24.5)Paul Bennett
71, 63, 58
222 (11.6)
Chris Shutt
220, 107, 80, 52
565 (37.6)Paul Bennett
146, 62, 56
418 (27.8)
Chris Shutt
91, 89, 67, 66, 57
469 (21.3)David Nichols
60, 50
353 (16.5)
Semi-finals (75 minutes)
Mike Russell
183, 139, 95, 89, 77, 68
718 (47.8)David Nichols
184 (12.2)
Chris Shutt
189, 167, 68
795 (46.7)Phillip Welham
69, 50
227 (13.3)
Final (90 minutes)
Mike Russell
293, 267, 233, 203
1121 (80.1)Chris Shutt
386 (27.5)

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