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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001


Southfield & District League

Photo of Robin Wilson (4k)

Robin Wilson is the Southfield
League’s youngest Champion.

At 17 years of age Robin Wilson became the youngest ever winner of

the Southfield League Billiards
Championship when he defeated
Darren Kell 250-219 at the Priory Social
Club on 30th April. The match was
close throughout, the scores having been
called level at 137 and again at 177. With
Kell having edged 13 points in front,
Wilson then put together an unfinished
break of 44 to take the title. Wilson had
won his semi-final against Lee Lagan in
similar circumstances. On that occasion
he had crafted a 72 unfinished to take
the match 200-122, having made a break
of 83 earlier in the game. In the other
semi-final Kell had defeated team-mate
Paul Boden 200-82.


Robin Wilson (Ormesby Inst) (83, 72unf.) 200 Lee Lagan (Hemlington) (80)
122; Darren Kell (Ironopolis) 200 Paul Boden (Ironopolis) 82.
Robin Wilson (67, 42, 44unf.)
250 (av 12.5) Darren Kell (54) 219 (av 10.4)

Redcar & District League

The billiards division of the Redcar League was won by Eston Institute
whose team included two juniors, Darren Clark (+60) and Billy Bousfield
(+80). Their trio was made up by veteran player Kenny Hopwood
(+80). South Bank St. Peters team of Tommy Murphy, Neil Hutchinson
and Mark Wallis finished runners-up. Matches in the League are 200-
up. During the latter part of the season, Lee Lagan (North Ormesby
Inst), playing from a handicap of -100, made a break of 226 to defeat
Danny Cornwell when visiting Eston Labour Club.

Middlesbrough Friendly League

Jeff McKeown (South Bank Albion) defeated Mark Lane (Acklam
Steelworks) in the final of the Friendly League Individual Billiards
Handicap played in front of a packed house at the Ironopolis Club on
26th April. McKeown had reached the final last year when he was
defeated by Lee Lagan and made a nervous start on this occasion before
a break of 71 pulled back most of the 80 points handicap he was
conceding. However, Lane succeeded in setting up a tense finish as he
managed to keep his nose in front until the very last visit. At this point
McKeown put together an unfinished 21 to win by just 12 points. In
the semi-finals McKeown had defeated Steve Best, making a break of
91, and Lane had overcome Dean Sandbach.


Jeff McKeown (-30) (91) 200, Steve Best (scr.) 136; Mark Lane (+50) 200,
Dean Sandbach (+50) 176.
Jeff McKeown (-30) (71) 200 (av 8.5), Mark Lane (+50) 188 (av

Teesside Boys’ Billiards League

Photo of Billy Bousfield (4k)

Billy Bousfield becomes the
Teesside Junior Champion.

Billy Bousfield won the Teesside Junior Individual Championship on
1st May when he defeated Craig Murphy 136-97 in the 30 minute final

held at the Billingham Trade Union
Club. In the semi-finals, held on the same
night, Bousfield had narrowly beaten
Darren Clark in a close finish, while
Murphy had a more comfortable victory
over Dominic Mulhall. Last year’s
champion, Robin Wilson, had been
eliminated in an earlier round by Darren

Danny Beagrie (Riley´s M´bro) took
the under-15 title by defeating Anthony
O´Brien (Ormesby) 111-87 in the final.

Individual Results (all games 30 minutes)

Billy Bousfield 116 (av 5.3) Darren Clark 102
(av 4.4); Craig Murphy 133 (av 5.1) Dominic Mulhall 84

(av 3.2).

Billy Bousfield 136 (av 5.4) Craig Murphy
97 (av 4.0).

Under-15 Results

Danny Beagrie
111 Anthony O´Brien 87.

The President´s Cup Team knockout brought together League winners
Ormesby Institute and runners-up Middlesbrough Riley´s in the final
at Eston Institute in May. On this occasion it was the Rileys team who
came out on top with a convincing 895-663 victory from the six 30
minute games.

Individual results, Riley´s names first
Darrell Murrell 167 Jason Thomas 67; Danny Beagrie 134 Robin Wilson 180; Kyle Cunningham
111 Graham Palmer 68; Michael Donnelly 114 Mark Coates 124; John Hall 207 Michael Price 103;
Danny Britnall 162 Dominic Mulhall 121.

Stockton & District League

Tony Mackinder (Elm Tree) eventually won the Stockton & District
League Individual Billiards Championship quite comfortably, although
he found the early part of his final against Paul Lawrence to be hard
going. Lawrence (Newtown ‘B´) who was playing in both the snooker
and billiards finals on the same night, had just won the snooker title and
started well in the billiards, quickly gaining a 60 point lead. At this
point Mackinder, who was averaging just 2.6, picked up his game and
with contributions of 48 and 72 followed by three others around the 30
mark, completed his victory is some style.

Semi-finals (200-up)
Paul Lawrence (66, 58) 200 Graham Alderson (Hardwick) 120; Tony Mackinder
200 Steve Boston (Stockton Buffs) (64) 108.
Final (300-up)
Tony Mackinder (72) 300 Paul Lawrence

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