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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001


New Zealand

Women’s National Championship

14 year-old Ramona Belmont won the 2001 New Zealand Women’s
Billiards Championship when she defeated reigning champion Sharon
Wilkie 279-264 in the final at the Gisborne Cosmopolitan Club. This
was the third running of this event, which took place over 1st-2nd
August, and it attracted seven entries. The two-hour final was a closely
contested and was only decided in the last few minutes. With both
players neck-and-neck Belmont used the two and a half minutes added
for time taken during their game, to edge ahead and secure victory by 15
points. In the semi-finals (90 minutes), Belmont had beaten Annette
Moeahu 220-158 and Sharon Wilkie defeated Sally Clucas by 264-194.

New Zealand National Championship

Making his sixth appearance in the final, Peter deGroot eventually
succeeded in his ambition when he captured the New Zealand Billiards
Championship at the Invercargill WMC on 17th July 2001. In the
four-hour final he defeated reigning champion Wayne Carey 860-606,
making a best break of 111. Carey, who was going for his third
consecutive title, found himself training 461-223 at the interval to an
opponent growing in confidence. Unable to make any impression, his
best break, 72, came the last 15 minutes of the match, but this only
served to reduce de Groot’s winning margin to 254 points.

In the semi-finals, de Groot had narrowly defeated last year’s runner-
up Gary Oliver by just 20 points, while Carey had made a break of 109
in defeating Paul Stocker 889-692. One of the best performances of the
championship came from Gary Oliver, who, in his qualifying match
against Gerry Wake, made consecutive contributions of 100 and 129
(the latter being the highest break of the competition) in a two-hour
total of 821.

Last 16 (3 hours)
G. Oliver (71, 62, 57) bt T. Sherriff 779-324; R. Milicich bt R. Habgood
530-455; P. deGroot (75, 56, 54, 51, 50) bt P. Lilli (57) 805-509; T. Stephens (100, 50) bt M. Stewart
(66) 659-416; W. Carey (57) bt R. Wilson 747-457; M. Cooke (63, 62) bt D. Gibb (55) 633-510; J.
Ifa bt D. Boyce 644-536; P. Stocker (55, 54) bt L. Naunau 811-465.
Quarter-finals (3 hours)
G. Oliver (79, 57) bt R. Milicich 697-505; P. deGroot (84, 59) bt T. Stephens
(65,52,50) 707-489; W. Carey (66, 54) bt M. Cooke (62) 679-577; P. Stocker (66, 62, 57) bt J. Ifa
(112,96,51) 693-561.
Semi-finals (3 hours)
P. deGroot (82, 55, 53) bt G. Oliver (59, 56, 55, 51) 757-737; W. Carey (109)
bt P. Stocker (67) 889-692.
Final (4 hours)
P. deGroot (111, 80, 50) bt W. Carey (72) 860-606.

New Zealand Tour

A private tour to New Zealand was arranged by a groupof English players as a follow-up to the successful
Loose Cannons tour of last year. Shrugging off the jet-
lag of their long trip, Peter Shelley, Brian Harvey, Paul
Dunning and Bill Andress were soon in action against an
Auckland representative team following their arrival on
Monday 8th October. The Auckland squad comprised
Grant Hayward, Wayne Carey, Ron Milicich and Gerry

The format paired each of the four players in one-hour
matches against every member of the opposing team, to
give 16 matches in all. The event took place at
Snookerworld, Royal Oak, Auckland and the tourists
emerged winners by 14-2. Peter Shelley (104) and Brian
Harvey (110) both made centuries and went through their
matches undefeated. Grant Hayward and Wayne Carey
were the winners for the Auckland team, both victories
being against Paul Dunning. Hayward is a recent New
Zealand 9-ball champion who is taking a break from pool
this season and has been practising his billiards with
Wayne Carey—evidently with some success.

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