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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001

News from the Editor’s Chair

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I sat down recently and looked with interest at the newly
compiled list of E.A.B.A. members, what a wealth of talent,
knowledge and experience encapsulated in a common interest,
the love of billiards. Members are drawn from so many various
walks of life, it’s truly amazing. Those of you who know me
well, can probably see how my mind is working at this moment.
I’m looking at this expertise and experience, and looking at
the possibility of harnessing these personal skills to help us
in a quest. I’m a big believer in tapping the experts for their
skills, their knowledge and their guidance. The assets of any
organisation must be the sum of the combined personal
knowledge of its members. What a wealth of experience we
have amongst our ranks, as they say in Pateley Bridge, “Th’a
should want for now’t”. Excuse the Yorkshire dialect.
It seems that all overtures to the International Body on the
preservation of the amateur status of our game falls on deaf
ears. It also seems that those who organise the game at higher
levels do not only not understand the game that they are
organising but do not want to listen to those thousands of
people who do understand the game. All this is leading to a
situation whereby those who have the interest of billiards
are left with the responsibility of safeguarding its long term

Photo of Geet Sethi (20k)

Geet Sethi
is the new IBSFWorld Champion.

In the absence of any support to further the interests of
amateur only billiards players there are strong feelings afoot
to fill the gap which is being left by the so called custodians
of the game. To stage a separate, amateur only, World Amateur
Billiards Championship. If this situation arises, the
International body has only itself to blame for not heeding to
the reasonable and ethical demands of the billiards fraternity
at large.

This brings me back to my original point. If it so wished the
E.A.B.A. could call upon any amount of expertise and
resources to guide it through the possible staging of a World
Amateur Billiards Championship. It would prefer not to move
in this direction but would not hesitate to act if further erosion
of its principles developed.

An amicable meeting of officials from the W.S.A. and members
of the E.A.B.A. took place recently at Stoke on Trent. A frank
and forthright exchange of views were expressed by both
parties with discussions on relationships, referees, and
development. The E.A.B.A. stated its present position and
gave a clear indication of its aims and objectives. The W.S.A.
party of Mr. Jason Ferguson, Miss Freya Broad, and Suzanne
Goscombe, left on good terms to consider the E.A.B.A.
position. The W.S.A. will report back at a later date with a
possible proposal.

Only twenty four hours before Peg and I and several of our
billiards playing friends leave once again for New
Zealand. We are all looking forward to seeing our friends
down under again after the Loose Cannons tour of 2000, and
looking forward to visiting their wonderful country once
again. Not so many billiards matches on this occasion but an
opportunity to relax for a few weeks, soak up some New
Zealand sun and breathe in some of that wonderful fresh

Derick Townend

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