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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2002


Whitworth Institute, Darley Dale (25th November 2001)

All games 50 minutes
Photo of Peter Gilchrist (8k)

David Causier retains the UK
Professional title
Photo: Paw Print Consultancy.

The regular festival of
professional billiards took
place again at Darley Dale on
Sunday 25th November. Three top
professionals, Peter Gilchrist,
Mike Russell and Chris Shutt were
joined this year by EABA
Chairman, Peter Shelley, who
received 100 points start in the 50
minute games.

As usual for these events, play was
of an exceptionally high standard.
On this occasion, the big breaks
started early as Peter Gilchrist
knocked in a run of 226 at his first
visit of the opening match against
Chris Shutt. However, this was
bettered by Mike Russell with 373,
the highest of the day, against Peter
Shelley in the very next game.
Peter Shelley also lost his following
match against Gilchrist who

hammered in breaks of 156 and 150 against his amateur opponent.
However, warming to the task in his third and last session, Shelley
showed his class with 95 and 65 unfinished to run Chris Shutt to a
close finish. But even adding these to his 100 points handicap, he could
not catch the tall Teessider, who finished a 411-354 winner.

With Mike Russell producing a break of 205 to dispose of Chris Shutt,
the destination of the winners trophy came down to the last match
between Russell and Gilchrist. This could not have produced a more
exciting finale. Russell established an early advantage with a break of
123 but Gilchrist gradually pulled this back, and with time running out,
took a 57 point lead thanks to a contribution of 110. Russell responded
with 94 to go in front again, but when he broke down Gilchrist played
out time with 48 unfinished to secure an eleven point win.

P. Gilchrist
226, 79, 66, 62
505 (50.5)C. Shutt
126 (11.5)
M. Russell
480 (53.3)P. Shelley (rec.100)
198 (9.8)
P. Gilchrist
156, 150
385 (35.0)P. Shelley (rec.100)
313 (21.3)
M. Russell
209, 106, 77
465 (38.8)C. Shutt
214 (17.8)
C. Shutt
124, 121
411 (31.6)P. Shelley (rec.100)
95, 65
354 (19.5)
P. Gilchrist
110, 59
294 (32.7)M. Russell
123, 94
283 (31.4)

The trophies and cheques were presented by Ken Shirley, who graced
the Whitworth table in the early days of this tournament. He also won
this event in 1985 and 1989 when Beetham, Close and Dagley were his
opposition. Gilchrist received the Trustees Trophy and Royal Bank
Trophy, while Russell received the Darley Trophy for his high break
of 373.

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