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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2002

News from the Editor’s Chair

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What a cracking start to the New Year. A brand new venue on
Deeside for the Amateur Billiards Circuit. An excellent repeat of
the E.A.B.A. County Billiards Championship at Nuneaton and, would
you believe it, a party of thirty-seven players, wives, officials, and
supporters travelling to Northern Ireland to compete for the coveted
“Friendly Cup”. English billiards is indeed riding on the crest of a wave
at the moment.

The A.B.C. tournament at Sealand, Deeside, was a very welcome
return to the North-West. Over the past few years this region has
dipped somewhat in it’s support of the three ball game. To have such a
friendly reception and to once again savour the candour and genuineness
of the locals at Sealand gave everyone the greatest of pleasure in being
involved in a very spectacular event. The very high standard of play,
the excitement of the competition, and the friendly atmosphere, made
this a day to remember. All our thanks go to the ‘Corbett’ group of
companies for their support in this the first A.B.C. at Sealand, and also
for their support of the International Billiards match in November. It
would be most gratifying to see a revival of interest in billiards in the
North West. The amateur billiard players will do everything that they
can to help to this end.

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Mike Russell
retains the

It proves without question that the retention of the traditional English
Counties and County competition is still very strongly supported.
The annual County Billiards Championship at Nuneaton was a truly
splendid event enjoyed by everyone who had the privilege to take part,
and reminiscent of the many exciting County battles of long ago. This
event is certainly here to stay and will no doubt grow in strength and

As I write, my wife Peggy is busy packing for tomorrow morning´s
flight to Belfast. It seems incredible to think that on Saturday
night there will be in the region of sixty billiards buffs sitting down to
a celebration meal at the Royal Hotel, Bangor, Co. Down. When the
annual competition for the ‘Friendly Cup’ was first mooted some seven
years ago, we were all very cautious, but optimistic about its future.
The reputation that this event has engendered for friendship, for good
sport and for kindness, has surpassed all our expectations. We have
developed what we all know will be lifelong friendships and sporting
links in a mutually supportive cause. (All of the above events will be
fully covered in our May issue).

In the November 2001 issue we reported on the I.B.S.F. World Open
Billiards Championship. Some readers took exception to the paragraph,
quote; ‘Without any assistance from their Associations it was not
anticipated that any players would travel from England, either amateur
or professional.’ In this context, reference to Associations and to amateur
did not mean the English Amateur Billiards Association. We cannot
speak from the professional perspective, that is their business. However,
it is worth reiterating the stance of the E.A.B.A in this matter. Even if
the E.A.B.A could have at this time afforded to support a player on a
round trip to New Zealand, it would not, and indeed could not, by the
terms of it’s Constitution give financial support to a player entering a
World Open Billiards Championship. We apologise for any
misunderstanding of this section of the report. We can assure any
reader who may be under the wrong impression, that the view that has
here been stated is the firm view of the E.A.B.A.

We thank all those who provide news from the regions, and all
those who kindly send match reports from the various
tournaments. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely, Derick Townend

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