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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002


Atack Snooker Centre, Nuneaton

Sunday 20th January 2002

On Sunday 20th January, thirteen county sides gathered at the AtackCentre Nuneaton for a wonderful day of Team Billiards. The
competition was played on a straight knockout basis with first match
losers eligible for entry into the Plate competition. Each match consisted
of a nominated three man team playing one hour per player with total
team aggregate deciding the tie. Plate matches would be of thirty minute

The 1st round draw resulted in byes to the quarter-finals for defending
champions and warm favourites Cleveland, Cambridge “A” and
Cheshire. The closest match in the 1st round was the game between
Devon & Merseyside—the pivotal game being contested by Michael
King of Devon and Dennis Marr. A high quality encounter resulted in
Michael prevailing by one point, but the recovery of a 100 point deficit
by Dennis during the course of the game enabled Merseyside to triumph
overall with the aid of narrow wins from Ken Jones and Gerry Dickson
over Andy Radford and Bill Andress respectively. In the Yorkshire v
Wessex encounter, Phil Davis representing Wessex made the worst
possible start when Steve Crosland accumulated 160 points before
Phil had scored. With the aid of a big win by Richard Lodge over
Michael White including a 99 break, Yorkshire comfortably progressed
in this tie. Other 1st round matches resulted in comfortable wins for
Cornwall, Norfolk A and Norfolk B.

The quarter-finals saw the meeting of Cleveland and Yorkshire and
incredibly Steve Crosland was once again drawn to play Lee Lagan—
or should it be sit and watch Lee Lagan! As in the Sealand ABC, Steve
was forced to sit out runs of 211, 115 & 157 as Lee completed a 544-
136 victory. With such a winning margin the result of the match was
never in doubt.

The “A” Team won the battle of the two Norfolk sides, with big wins
for Dave Nichols and Phil Welham over Jim Temple and John Carman
respectively. The other two ties were closely contested—Gerry Dickson
of Merseyside went into the last game defending a 35 point lead over
Cheshire, but Norman Routledge won the game by 89 to put Cheshire

An excellent performance by Ivan Chambers secured victory for
Cambridge “A” against Cornwall. His 397-173 win over Noel Meagor
was the key to Cambridge’s success along with a good victory by his
son Jimmy over Charlie Gay.

In the semi-finals, Cleveland eased past Cambridge “A” with success
in all three games, but the other semi-final was more keenly contested.
With the aid of a 140 break Paul Dunning, representing Cheshire, beat
Fos Wilson 295-133. Unfortunately for Cheshire at the same time on
the next table Dave Nichols was defeating Norman Routledge 355-159
to leave Norfolk with a 34 point lead going into the last leg. Although
Cheshire’s Tony Done had his chances, eventually Phil Welham wore
him down to put Norfolk “A” through.

For Norfolk to stand a chance in the Final it was imperative for them
that Dave Nichols could find a way of “holding” Lee Lagan. The fact
that he couldn’t bears testimony to Lee’s ability to move up a gear
when the chips are down. Although playing below his best, Lee still
produced a break of 155 at a crucial stage which along with two 50+
breaks resulted in victory for him by 259 points. Although defeated by
Philip Welham, Mark Hatton played some solid match billiards to hold
the ex-Amateur Champion to a 275-236 scoreline, in a game which
Norfolk would have hoped for a bigger win. Darren Kell’s 273-169
victory over Fos Wilson rubber-stamped Cleveland’s victory.

The plate competition was unique in producing a tie on total aggregate
between Cambridge “B” and Wessex – Cambridge progressing on the
grounds of winning the games 2-1, all of this in the only game in the 1st
round! The semi-finals saw straightforward victories for Devon and
Hampshire over Cambridge “B” and Kent respectively. The final resulted
in victory for Devon over Hampshire, with a 71 point win by an
impressive Michael King being the key to their success.

EABA Chairman, Peter Shelley, presented the prizes to the winners
along with the County Team Cup to Cleveland captain Mark Hatton.
During his speech Peter commented on the strength of this event and
how he fully expected the entry to grow to at least 16 teams next
season. He thanked Bob Coles and his staff for their continued support
of Billiards at the Atack. Last, but not least, he thanked the referees
who had given their time to support their counties and the EABA
during the day—their help is always appreciated.

Special praise for the organisation of the day should be given to Steve
Crosland and John Richmond who ensured that the day ran so smoothly
from a timing point of view. Thanks also to Derick Townend who
helped with the admin on the day.

Paul Dunning.

Preliminary Round

Yorkshire bt. Wessex 811-562. R. Lodge (99) 286 M. White 158; S. Crosland (57, 56, 54) 288
P. Davis (56) 120; R. Patterson (54) 237 B. Harvey (79) 284.
Cornwall bt. Kent 822-556. D. White 289 C. Carpenter 194; N. Meagor (68, 58) 240 A. Phillips
202; C. Gay 293 C. Summers 160.

Norfolk “A” bt. Cambridge “B” 954-501. F. Wilson (54) 208 M. Willard 186; P. Welham (90,
69, 54) 416 P. Hilsden 139; D. Nichols (56, 55) 330 K. Lloyd 176.

Norfolk “B” bt. Hampshire 702-461. J. Temple (55) 191 P. Adams 165; I. Dennis (70) 236 T.
Azor 213; J. Carman 275 E. Shorney 83.

Merseyside bt. Devon 762-688. D. Marr (52) 263 M. King (59) 264; K. Jones (52) 251 A. Radford
205; G. Dickson (55) 248 W. Andress 219.


Cleveland bt. Yorkshire 1068-532. M. Hatton 213 R. Lodge 212; L. Lagan (211, 157, 115) 544
S. Crosland (72) 136; D. Kell (57) 311 R. Patterson 184.

Cambridge “A” bt. Cornwall 769-715. A. Henke 137 D. White (92, 56) 342; I. Chambers (53)
397 N. Meagor 173; J. Chambers (52) 235 C. Gay (63) 200.

Norfolk “A” bt. Norfolk “B” 875-568. D. Nichols (76, 75) 358 J. Temple 187; F. Wilson 179 I
Dennis 187; P. Welham (85, 62) 338 J. Carman 194.

Cheshire bt. Merseyside 639-585. T. Done 162 K. Jones (72, 52) 274; P. Dunning (70, 62) 240
D. Marr (52) 163; N. Routledge 237 G. Dickson (51) 148.


Cleveland bt. Cambridge “A” 918-544. L. Lagan 341 T. Henke 180; D. Kell (75, 61) 357 I.
Chambers 178; M. Hatton 220 J. Chambers 186.

Norfolk “A” bt. Cheshire 829-652. F. Wilson 133 P. Dunning (140, 66) 295; D. Nichols 355 N.
Routledge 159; P. Welham (66, 52) 341 T. Done 198.


Cleveland bt. Norfolk “A” 939-615. M. Hatton (66, 50) 236 P. Welham (89) 275; D. Kell (53) 273
F. Wilson 169; L. Lagan (155, 56, 55) 430 D. Nichols 171.

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