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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002


Bangor Men’s Reading Rooms

Saturday 26th-27th January 2002

On Friday 25th January a party of no less than 37 players, relatives, referees and supporters travelled across the Irish Sea and assembled
in The Royal Hotel, Bangor, Co Down for the annual fixture between
Northern Ireland and England. During the afternoon an official party
were invited to Bangor Castle where they were welcomed and entertained
by The Lord Mayor. Others, due to the inclement weather, were left
with no alternative but to adjourn to the bar and sample a drop of the
black stuff!

Competition started on the Saturday morning at Bangor Men’s Reading
Rooms with the opening ceremony and photo calls. When play
commenced, Peter Shelley opened with a break of 137 on his first visit
to the table. This set the tone for what was to be a fine game of
Billiards—a break of 152 from John McIntyre was followed next visit
with a reply of 99 from Peter who went on to secure a 500-313 win.
England’s Brian Harvey won the other 500 up game in this session with
a 500-353 win over Trevor Shields. Tony Buttimer showed why he has
climbed the Irish rankings with an excellent 2-1 victory over Darren
Kell in the 150 up games. Debutante Colin Mylchreest made breaks of
58 and 102 during his 150 up games with Jim McCann—unfortunately
for Colin neither earned him a point as breaks of 67 & 88 secured a 3-0
victory for Jim.

The afternoon session saw England pull clear, securing a further ten of
the twelve points available in the four matches of 3×150 up. In the best
of these games, England’s Phil Welham defeated Tommy Murphy 2-1
with the aid of 80 unfinished in the first set, but Tommy made a
beautiful 111 unfinished to secure the third set. Steve Crosland beat
Paddy Donnelly 2-1 including a break of 128 in the second set. Bill
Andress and Paul Dunning enjoyed 3-0 wins over Sammy Currie and
Roy Lattimer respectively.

This left the overnight score at Northern Ireland 4, England 20—a
grossly unfair reflection on the match as of the five centuries made
during the days play, no less than three had been made by Irish players!
The Saturday evening brought an official function at the hotel—the
beautiful meal was followed by speeches from the respective mangers
and the usual stories and wisecracks from Messrs McIntyre & Townend.
Derick Townend presented Ann McIntyre with flowers in appreciation
of all the work she had undertaken in connection with the weekend.
Various groups then dispersed to enjoy different forms of entertainment
—some enjoyed disco and karaoke while others retired to the bar where
they were later joined by Tommy Murphy’s brother and entertained
by his guitar play and wide range of music. Hidden talents were
displayed by Steve Crosland singing a folk ballad while playing the
guitar—is there no end to this man’s attributes?

Play recommenced on the Sunday morning with several players nursing
heads from the previous night’s excesses. Paddy Donnelly enjoyed a
500-317 victory over Darren Kell while Colin Mylchreest gained some
deserved recompense for his previous days disappointment with a
500-424 win over Paul Dunning, including a 92 break. The session
however was shared with 3-0 wins for England by Peter Shelley over
Freddie Cahoon and Brian Harvey over John McIntyre including a
century and two 50+ breaks.

The final session saw a monumental battle between Tony Buttimer and
Steve Crosland with Tony emerging victorious 500-488. It was though
the only Irish success of the session with English victories coming for
Bill Andress over Tommy Murphy, Phil Welham over Jimmy
McLaughlin and Jim McCann over Roy Lattimer.

With the final match score standing at Northern Ireland 13 England 35,
the Friendly Cup was presented to England Team Manager Mr Derick

Paul Dunning.

Results (Irish names first)

500-up (3 points per game)
Trevor Shields
353 Brian Harvey
John McIntyre
313 Peter Shelley
137, 99
Paddy Donnelly
57, 82, 51
500 Darren Kell
62, 62
Colin Mylchreest
500 Paul Dunning
Tony Buttimer
500 Steve Crosland
87, 51
Tommy Murphy
427 Bill Andress
Jimmy McLaughlin
57, 57
363 Phil Welham
81, 57, 51, 50
Roy Lattimer
320 Jim McCann
3×150-up (1 point each)
Tony Buttimer
150,53,150 Darren Kell
Colin Mylchreest
126,146,99 Jim McCann
67, 68
Paddy Donnelly
74,45,150 Steve Crosland
54, 128
Tommy Murphy
42,100,150 Phil Welham
Sammy Currie
71,71, 32 Bill
Roy Lattimer
82,85,120 Paul Dunning
52, 54, 76
Freddie Cahoon
46,31,91 Peter Shelley
83, 81
John McIntyre
102,113,126 Brian Harvey
56, 57
Final Match Score: Ireland 13 England 35

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