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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Summer 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Summer 2002

News from the Editor’s Chair

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Where do all the billiards players go to in the summertime? Like
most other sports enthusiasts a recess comes as a welcome
opportunity to relax and pursue those other diverse and enjoyable
interests off the green baize. Strong temptations to practise are avoided
as are the urges to read a little more Riso Levi or Sam Mussabini. This
year my ambition to see more of the highways and byways, nooks and
crannies of my beloved Yorkshire Dales and Moors has been realised.
To look down upon the Red Lion and bridge at Burnsall from the top
road to Bolton Abbey is something special. The view from the quayside
across the harbour to Whitby Abbey is an unforgettable joy. The sheer
beauty of the English Counties is endless, and the pride I feel in being
an Englishman grows every day that I am privileged to see more of my
Country. Having said that, I look forward, eager and optimistic, to
another challenging and enjoyable season of billiards.

Ryan Jackson is a three years old Bradford youngster. He suffers
from a very rare and incurable disease, Proteus Syndrome. His
ambition is to go to Eurodisneyland. Brian Watson, a well known
billiards buff and regular ABC player has arranged ‘An Evening with
Mike Russell’ at Queensbury Conservative Club, Bradford, on Saturday
3rd August, starting at 7.30 p.m. Brian hopes to raise enough money to
realise Ryan’s ambition and allow Ryan and his mum to visit Eurodisney
in the near future. Mike fits this event into a very busy schedule inbetween
a coaching engagement in Thailand and an Asian Tournament
later in the summer. Fresh from a very successful World championship,
Mike will no doubt put on a very good show at Queensbury, for the
benefit this very unfortunate little boy and his family. We wish to
express our thanks to Mike Russell for giving his time to this worthy
cause, and wish Brian Watson every success in this very worthwhile

Following the career of one of the newest members of the professional
ranks, Lee Lagan made a very successful debut at the ‘Springwood
Bowling Club’, Huddersfield, on Friday 5th July. As part of the
Huddersfield team’s success in this year’s Yorkshire Inter-District
Billiards League and their captain’s success in winning of the
Huddersfield championship, the Club invited Lee along to give an evening
exhibition. Young players were chosen from the Huddersfield Sunday
School League with a guest player from St. Peters, South Bank,
Middlesbrough, to match their skills against the talented Lagan. Everyone
put on a good show, they did their very best on this happy occasion
and the youngsters will always remember the night that they played
Lee Lagan. On his debut, Lee did a very good job. He handled the
youngsters with tact and understanding, and was well accepted by all
present. This was an excellent initiative by the Huddersfield club and
an excellent performance by Lee Lagan. More of this type of
spontaneous event can do nothing but enhance the image of the
professional game.

At least one billiards player we know of will be enjoying some
sunshine for the next twelve months. Peter Gilchrist, the World
number two, leaves shortly for Qatar in the Middle East, to take up a
year’s coaching contract with the Qatar sporting body. Peter will
probably be teaching more snooker than billiards during his stay, but
hopefully he will be able to display his skills at the three ball game.
Another touring party will be leaving for New Zealand in October.
Bill Andress, Paul Dunning, Peter Shelley and Dave Smith, (later
to be joined by Brian Harvey) will soon be visiting New Zealand for the
third time in three years. We wish them all bon voyage and every
success. We know that they will be well looked after by our Kiwi

Derick Townend

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