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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Autumn 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Autumn 2002

New Zealand

New Zealand Billiards Championship

In a repeat of last years final, Peter de Groot (Canterbury) beat Wayne
Carey (Auckland), to win the 2002 New Zealand Billiards
Championship, held July 10-13 at the Stratford Club, Stratford, a
small town on the western side of the central North Island. De Groot
also had the satisfaction of scoring the highest break of the tournament,
a 155 against Russell Robinson in the quarter-finals, Robinson making
a welcome return to the championship after a break of several years.

The tournament began with section play on July 10 and 11 with the
field of 25, the largest in recent years, divided into five sections of four
and one of five. The matches in section play were two hours and the
top two from each section along with the two best thirds qualified for
post-section play.

As often happens in New Zealand tournaments most matches in section
play went according to seeding. An important exception was Paul
Stocker’s (Hawkes Bay) matches. Stocker, a former New Zealand
champion, lost two of his three matches and played former New Zealand
champion Derek Gibb (Wellington) in the first round of post-section
play. Gibb beat Stocker 525 – 297 in the two hour match and Stocker
was unexpectedly out at the last sixteen.

The quarter-finals saw some good scoring with de Groot, aided by a
break of 155, just failing to make 1000 points in the four hours. De
Groot would have probably reached four figures had it not been for a
safety duel with his opponent Russell Robinson which saw both
players tap the opponent’s ball along the bottom cushion twenty-one
times each. Tony Stephens (Hawkes Bay) and Gary Oliver
(Canterbury), both former runner-ups in the New Zealand
Championship, had a close match which Stephens won 781-651.

The scoring was lower and the matches closer in the semi-finals. De
Groot beat Stephens 609 – 569, and Carey beat Gibb 692 – 593. The
first two-hour session of the final was close and Carey went to the
interval leading de Groot by just 22 points, 348-326. De Groot fared a
lot better in the second session, outscoring Carey 379-237, to give de
Groot the title 705-585. Both players made good breaks for the final of
the New Zealand Championship, with de Groot making 98, 78 and 58,
and Carey 68, 50 and 70.

A plate was held for the non-qualifiers and the two-hour final produced
a close match, Chris Anderson (Waikato) eventually beating Bryce
Good (Auckland) 396 – 343. Good is a newcomer to the national scene
and has been receiving guidance from Wayne Carey over recent times.

Philip Sharp
Last 16
Wayne Carey
498 Warren Burke
Joe Ifa
435 Merv Stewart
Darcy Boyce
398 Ray Habgood
Derek Gibb
525 Paul Stocker
Peter de Groot
597 Byron Brook
Russell Robinson
374 Ron Milicich
Tony Stephens
495 Malcolm Cooke
Gary Oliver
452 Dave Weir
Wayne Carey
889 Joe Ifa
Derek Gibb
842 Darcy Boyce
Peter de Groot
990 Russell Robinson
Tony Stephens
781 Gary Oliver
Semi Finals
Wayne Carey
692 Derek Gibb
Peter de Groot
609 Tony Stephens
Peter de Groot
705 Wayne Carey

North Harbour Open Billiards

Wayne Carey (Auckland), playing possibly his finest billiards in a
New Zealand tournament, beat Joe Ifa (Waikato) 638-329 in the twohour
final of the North Harbour Open, a ranking tournament held at
Snooker World, Royal Oak, Auckland, New Zealand, August 24 and
25. During the final Carey made two centuries (131, 146), a rarity in
the final of a New Zealand ranking tournament since the retirement of
Dave Meredith, as well as breaks of 94 and 76.

Carey’s form in the final was a continuation of that in the first two
rounds of post-section play. In the quarter-finals he beat Peter Stephens
(Hawkes Bay) 612-206, scoring breaks of 62 and 103, and in the semifinals,
he beat Ron Milicich (Auckland) 693-265, scoring breaks of 95,
146 and 59, the first two breaks being almost back to back.

Ifa had a more difficult route to the final. He comfortably beat Bryce
Good (Auckland) 527-232 in the quarter-finals, but then struggled in a
low scoring match against Tony Stephens (Hawkes Bay), winning
350-287. The tournament had twelve entrants, a typical number for a
New Zealand ranking tournament. Some leading players who had
entered in previous years did not enter. Their absence meant lower
ranked players gained valuable experience of post-section play.

Philip Sharp (Electronic Newsletter)
Quarter finals
Wayne Carey
612 Peter Stephens
Tony Stephens
487 Byron Brook (Hawkes Bay)
Ron Milicich
438 Ray Habgood (North Harbour)
Joe Ifa
527 Bryce Good
Wayne Carey
693 Ron Milicich
Joe Ifa
350 Tony Stephens
Wayne Carey
638 Joe Ifa

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