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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002


Republic of Ireland vs. Northern Ireland vs. England

Ivy Rooms, Carlow, Republic of Ireland. 16th-17th November 2002

The 2002 Tri-Nations Billiards Tournament was staged on 16th and
17th November at the superb venue of The Ivy Rooms, Hanover,
Carlow. This was the venue for the highly successful 1999 IBSF World
Billiards Championships and many of the participants were looking
forward once again to competing in such excellent playing conditions.

The opening ceremony brought some sad news when RIBSA Chairman
Jim Leacy announced that Tournament Director Geraldine McGillivary
had suffered a fall in the shower that morning and had been taken to
hospital. This necessitated that England’s Clive Scott be promoted to
the position of Tournament Director, a task which he would undertake

The scoring method for this year’s tournament had been changed slightly
to two points for the winner of the timed format (1½ hours) and one
point for each of the three 150 up games in the short format.

The opening session saw defending champions England take on fellow
visitors Northern Ireland in timed format matches. England enjoyed a
perfect start taking all six games, notable performances coming from
Darren Kell who inflicted Tony Buttimer’s only defeat of the weekend
with an impressive display. Heavy scoring from Phil Welham including
runs of 120, 93 and 73, an excellent win for Jim McCann over Irish
No.1 Paddy Donnelly and a debut victory for John Hartley.

The 2nd session was an all-Irish tussle under the timed format and
resulted in a 8 points to 4 success for the Republic, despite an excellent
performance from Tony Buttimer who atoned for his reverse with
Darren Kell against newly crowned Whitworth Master Eugene Hughes.

Tony was always in control of the games making breaks of 150, 91 and
55 in an impressive 530-276 scoreline. Paddy Donnelly also compiled
a century break in the North’s only other victory in the session.

The concluding session of the opening day saw England earn another
12 points in the short format games with the Republic. The tie of the
round going the way of the Republic when Eugene Hughes accounted
for Darren Kell by a 3-0 scoreline. John Hartley continued his fine
debut with a 3-0 result over Victor O’Gorman including runs of 71 and
55 unfinished in the final set. Maximum points were also obtained for
England by David Rees against Aidan Murray.

The first day’s play brought about the overnight scoreline of England
24, Republic of Ireland 14, Northern Ireland 4. It now remained to be
seen how the evening festivities at the Dolmen Hotel would affect
performance the following day!

The opening session of Day 2 and Tony Buttimer was certainly showing
no ill effects of the night before with runs of 89 unfinished and 92 in his
emphatic 3-0 defeat of David Burgess. David was heard to comment
after the game “the way Tony played, I was lucky to get nil!” However
overall in the session, maximum points were obtained for England by
Paul Dunning, David Rees, John Hartley and Darren Kell resulting in a
session victory for the holders by 13 points to 5.

The All-Ireland short format session resulted in a 12-6 triumph for the
Republic, including a 2-1 win by Eugene Hughes in the tie of the
session over Paddy Donnelly—Eugene notching a break of 124
unfinished in the very first set. The session also included a solid
performance by Timmy Murphy for the Republic with breaks of 97
and 57 in his 3-0 victory over Joe Buttimer.

The Republic went into the final session of the weekend knowing they
would need to whitewash England in order to deprive them of retaining
the cup—a tall order indeed. As it transpired they recorded only one
win when Eugene Hughes included the highest break of the weekend
167, along with runs of 80, 53 and 50 in an excellent display against Jim
McCann. David Rees’ victory ensured that he along with John Hartley
had achieved maximum points over the weekend.

At the closing ceremony, the three managers, Brendan Devlin, Oliver
McGuigan and Derick Townend paid tribute to Jim Leacy and his wife
Marian for the hospitality they had afforded everyone over the weekend,
along with their staff. Marian was also congratulated on the excellent
programme she had compiled for the event. The trophy was presented
to England Team Manager Derick Townend along with mementoes to
all players and EABA Referees David Smith, Peter Cooper, Harry
Wah, Haydn Williams, Bob Slee and Eric Gratton, along with their Irish
counterparts Arthur Greer, Conor Doyle, Larry Codd, Neill Shanahan
and Ger Murray.


Northern Ireland v England (90 minutes)
Phil Welham
120, 93, 73
579  J.V. McLauchlin
Dave Burgess
393  Roy Lattimer
Darren Kell
113, 65, 63, 56
484  Tony Buttimer
John Hartley
372  Joe Buttimer
Jim McCann
81, 59
379  Paddy Donnelly
Steve Crosland
101, 53
475  Sammy Currie
Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland (90 minutes)
Timmy Murphy
359  John McIntyre
Dick Brennan
411  Roy Latimer
Victor O’Gorman
498  Joe Buttimer
Tony Buttimer
150, 91, 55
530  Eugene Hughes
Paddy Donnelly
101, 67
501  Phil Martin
Aidan Murray
323  J.V. McLauchlin
Republic of Ireland v England (3 x 150-up)

Eugene Hughes 150(82), 150(52), 150 Darren Kell 32, 100, 143(53); Victor O’Gorman 50, 101,
128(51) John Hartley 150, 150, 150(71, 55unf); Dick Brennan 150, 47, 90 Paul Dunning 148,
150(69), 150; Aidan Murray 29, 93, 130 David Rees 150(60), 150, 150; Timmy Murphy 65, 150,
39 Jim McCann 150(60), 81, 150(62); Joe Delaney 132, 150, 109 Phil Welham 150, 143, 150(51);

Day 1 Score: England 24, Rep Ireland 14, N. Ireland 4


Northern Ireland v England (3 x 150-up)

John McIntyre 65, 46, 63 Paul Dunning 150(55), 150, 150(51); Tony Buttimer 150(89unf), 150(92),
150 Dave Burgess 78, 113(62), 119(50); Sammy Currie 33, 106, 106 David Rees 150(87), 150,
150; Jimmy V; McLauchlin 124, 98, 122 John Hartley 150(67); 150(53unf), 150; Roy Lattimer 42,
88, 108 Darren Kell 150(73unf), 150, 150; Paddy Donnelly 150(62,48), 150(79), 11 Steve Crosland
46. 45, 150(74).

Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland (3 x 150-up)

J. V. McLauchlin 33, 150, 91 Dick Brennan 150, 137, 150(59) John McIntyre 56, 49, 150 Rodney
Goggins 150, 150(78), 123 Tony Buttimer 150(52), 55, 150(79) Aidan Murray 149(80), 150, 83
Paddy Donnelly 24, 117, 150 Eugene Hughes 150(124unf), 150(52), 53 Joe Buttimer 77, 60, 85
Timmy Murphy 150(97), 150(57), 150 Sammy Currie 83, 150(54), 147 Phil Martin 150, 142, 150.

Republic of Ireland v England (90 minutes)
Phil Welham
79, 79, 57, 56
513  Phil Martin
Paul Dunning
294  Aidan Murray
Steve Crosland
345  Joe Delaney
Dave Burgess
57, 56
532  Timmy Murphy
Eugene Hughes
167, 80, 53, 50
527  Jim McCann
D. Rees
72, 69
399  Rodney Goggins
Final Score: England 47, Rep Ireland 28, N. Ireland 15.

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