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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Winter 2002


Wrington vs Exeter Billiards Challenge

Saturday 23rd November saw the second of the 2002 challenge matches
between the Wrington Vale and Exeter & District leagues. The first
meeting this year in April ended in a 21-21 draw, so with the Wrington
side having never held the trophy before, the return leg was eagerly
anticipated. The match was held at the Mizzymead Recreation Centre
in Nailsea and 12 players from each League turned up at 10.30 to start
a marathon of 42 matches over Handicap, Cannons and Doubles rules.

The Exeter side showed that they were not in the mood to hand over
the trophy easily as they quickly went into a 5-0 lead with Don
Humphries being especially impressive with an unfinished run of 30 to
win his opening game.

Wrington’s Simon Cambridge began the fightback by making it 13th
time lucky with his first victory in this challenge matches. This was
closely followed by a two magnificent breaks of 61 and 63 in successive
visits to the table by Roy Jenkins which helped the Wrington side to go
in front. Mike Allen then overcome his opening frame defeat by hitting
the highest break of the day, a fine 65 as Wrington won 9 games out of
10 to open up a 9-6 lead at the lunch break.

Exeter’s Peter Wide showed his class with another 51, two forty plus
breaks and a winning run of 38 in what was looking to be a tight match
against Irving Prowse. Another good performance by Alan Spear in
these matches saw him hit a good break of 34 which was closely
followed by Wayne Ticer putting Wrington further ahead with his
highest ever break, an unfinished run of 40.

With Wrington securing their 21st match victory, all thoughts of defeat
were gone but the Exeter side redoubled their challenge and, with Richard
Reid’s break of 44 spurring them on, 4 successive victories closed the
gap to 21-15. Charlie Scott then secured another good win over Irving
to confirm Exeter would not go down without a fight. However, skipper
Bob Selby then won his Cannons match against Bill Wright to secure
victory for Wrington, who then closed the match by taking the remaining
games, finishing with a 26-16 win.

Two Wrington players came away undefeated in their four matches –
Roy Jenkins and Wayne Ticer. So, at the fifth attempt, Wrington
managed to gain their first victory but Exeter will be keen to reverse this
when the first leg of 2003 match takes place in April next year.

Bob Selby, Wrington Vale

Wiltshire revive fixture

After a lapse of twelve years, a fixture was arranged between the West
Wiltshire Billiards League and the Bath League. The match was played
on 25th January and resulted in a 7-3 victory for the West Wiltshire
team. The players all returned to the Staverton Club for a buffet.

All games 75 minutes (Wilts names first)

M. Dew 215 D. Elliott 194;
P. Carr 178 R. Gates; M. Jacobs 218 K. Tozer; N. Miles 249 D. Lord 367; K. Winstanley 151 E. Pitts 310; A.
Kettlety 276 C. Coles 164; D. White 170 A. Bastin 168; G. Ayers 259 W. Tadd 162; R. Millard 175
K. Brain 148; M. Binns 325 D. Smith 275.

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