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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2003

The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2003


Sealand Leisure, Queensferry, Deeside. 25th-26th January 2003

This year the Friendly Cup was contested on the English side of the
water at Sealand Leisure in Queensferry over 25th-26th January.

Photo of England Team (13k)

English team players L-R: John Hartley, David Rees, Steve Crosland, Paul Dunning,
Dave Burgess, Jim McCann, Phil Welham, Darren Kell.

Aided once again by a superb sponsorship deal from the Corbetts
Group, players, families and friends, enjoyed an unforgettable weekend
in the excellent surroundings of The Gateway To Wales Hotel and
Sealand Leisure. The eight players from each country were drawn
against each other according to their equivalent ranking positions with
each having one game of 500-up worth 3 points, and three games of
150-up worth one point each.

Photo of NorthernIreland Team (14k)

Some of the Northern Ireland squad L-R: J. V. McLaughlin, Roy Lattimer,
Sammy Currie, Oliver McGuigan (Team Manager)(back), Terry McDowell (front),
Sammy Clarke, Christian Kirk, Paddy Donnelly.

Despite some good performances from the Irish, it was the strength in
depth of the English team which saw them through to a comfortable 36-
12 victory. Irish No.1 Paddy Donnelly emerged from the contest
undefeated, taking all three 150-up games against Steve Crosland and
then defeating Darren Kell in their 500-up match. However, none of his
team-mates could reproduce this success. Sammy Currie made the
only century for the Irish, a run of 101 being enough to secure one of
the 150-up games against John Hartley, who nevertheless rallied to
take the other two games in this match. Apart from victories for Sammy
Clarke and Roy Lattimer, both over David Rees, the English had things
pretty much their own way. Phil Welham was particularly impressive,
rounding off the team victory on the second day with breaks of 93, 91
and 116 in his three 150-up games against Jimmy McLaughlin. Whelham,
finished his programme undefeated, as did Jim McCann, Dave Burgess
and Paul Dunning, while Steve Crosland recorded the highest break
with 122. Results. English names first:

Saturday 25th January
500-up games (3 pts)
Phillip Welham

60, 67, 61, 72
500 Colin Mylchreest

71, 53, 63
Jim McCann

52, 55, 61
500 J. V. McLaughlin

150-up games (3 x 1 pt)
Stephen Crosland 36, 138, 124, Paddy Donnelly 150(89), 150(69), 150;
Paul Dunning 150, 150(51), 150(68), Norman Whaley 115, 90, 65; Darren Kell 150, 150(81),
150(50), John McIntyre 13, 56, 81(79); David Rees 42, 150, 80, Sammy Clarke 150, 133, 150;
David Burgess 150(53), 150(63, 61unf), 150(87), Roy Lattimer 20, 15, 55; John Hartley 150, 68,
150, Sammy Currie 109, 150(101), 141.
Sunday 26th January
500-up games (3 pts)
Paddy Donnelly

62, 72, 85unf
500 Darren Kell

50, 66
John Hartley

500 Norman Whaley

ephen Crosland

122, 75, 68
500 John McIntyre

58, 53
David Burgess

55, 106
500 Sammy Clarke

Roy Lattimer

84, 104, 91
500 David Rees

Paul Dunning

68, 50, 93
500 Sammy Currie

150-up games (3 x 1 pt)
Jim McCann 150(50), 150, 150, Colin Mylchreest 146(71), 115, 132;
Phillip Welham 150(93), 150(91), 150(116) J.V. McLaughlin 79, 32, 35.
Final match score – England 36 Northern Ireland 12


The England Juniors were also in action at Sealand Leisure, over
the same week-end as their senior colleagues, taking on a
representative side from Northern Ireland for The Kingsman
Trophy. They played essentially the same format except that
the longer games were reduced 300-up.

Joe Buttimer, who represented the Irish senior squad in the Tri-
Nation earlier in the season, was brought in to bolster their
second-string team. He was responsible for their only successes,
contributing all five points for the visitors as the English lads
romped to a 19-5 victory. The trophies were presented by
EABA Chairman Peter Shelley who had a special word for the
Northern Ireland youngsters, stating that “we are all delighted
to see young players now coming through their ranks, as longterm
it will be of benefit to all”. Results. English names first:

300-up games (3 pts)
Joe Buttimer

300 Billy Bousfield

Craig Murphy

300 Darren Gallway

Robert Hall

59, 51
300 Terry McDowell

Calvin Daws

300 Christian Kirk

150-up games (3 x 1 pt)
Robert Hall 150, 150, 150, Christian Kirk 49, 69, 69; Calvin
Daws 150, 150, 150, Terry McDowell 80, 75, 85; Billy Bousfield 150, 150(54), 150
Darren Gallway 102, 65, 52; Craig Murphy 150, 87, 139, Joe Buttimer 49, 150, 150.
Final Match Score – England 19 Northern Ireland 5

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