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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2003

The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2003


Wilson in hospital

One of India’s greatest billiard players Wilson Jones, is reported to be
seriously ill, having been admitted to hospital in Mumbai on 2nd April
after suffering a stroke (his second) which left him totally paralysed on
his right side. Jones, who will be 81 in May, dominated his National
Championship in the immediate post-war years and achieved legendary
status when became India’s first ever World Champion at any sport by
lifting the Amateur title in Calcutta in 1958, a feat he repeated in 1964.

The hospital advised that his condition was improving “However,
whether he will be able to walk will be known only in the next ten days
or so.” Jones also has a small tumour in the brain, this is not considered
by his doctors to be life threatening.

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