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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2003

The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2003

One Hundred Years ago

Spring tip

Among the various improvements brought forward from time to time in
the Billiard world, are those having for their object, the secure fastening
of the tip to the point of the cue. The very latest idea in this direction is
that of hollowing out the top of the cue, inserting a thin spiral spring and
fastening the same securely, about a couple of inches from the top, by
means of a brass pin. The tip, upon the same principle as an ordinary
boot button, is made to attach to the loose end of the spring inside the
cue, and by this means kept securely in position. The idea is that of a
gentleman well known in Leeds, and we are informed that all the best
players in that City now have their cues fitted in this style.

The Billiard Review, September 1895

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