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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : October 1996

The Amateur Billiard Player : October 1996



During the last 5 years the E.A.B.A has efficiently and competently administered the
game of Billiards in this country, so much so that we have seen record entries in the English
and Grand Masters, and the game in general in probably its most healthy state for many

Now with the affiliation of Billiard leagues having commenced, the”Amateur Billiard
Player” going from strength to strength and the new boys league hopefully starting soon in
both Leeds and Coventry, I believe the time is right for the formation of a series of national
junior ranking tournaments based upon Derick Townend’s highly successful A.B.C. series.

For 1996/7, 3 tournaments are proposed: KINGS LYNN – November;
NUNEATON – January;

Games will be of one hour’s duration, with a plate competition for first round losers.

An average entry of 16 is forecast, entry fees should be set at £5.00, with play
commencing at 11 a.m. prompt.

With an average entry of 16, the tournament’s prize pool would be £80.00 an event.

If the E.A.B.A. or other sponsors could provide an additional £50.00 per event, this would
allow a guaranteed prize pool of:

£50 – winner;
£25 – runner-up;
£12.50 – semi-finalists (2);
£5.00 – quarter-finalists (4);
£5.00 – highest break;

£125.00 TOTAL

Sponsorship of £50.00 has already been secured for the Kings Lynn event (should it
be agreed).

A national ranking table would be established on the series, again based on the well
established A.B.C. system. This will not only be an encouragement to the junior players as
they compete to lift their ranking, but also could be of assistance to us if the need ever arises
for the selection of a junior England team for international matches against Malta, Northern
Ireland and/or the Republic of Ireland.

I hope the E.A.B.A. will agree to back this proposal, which we could have up and
running, well co-ordinated and well advertised by November.

P.S. Welham (executive committee member)

Phil Welham has undertaken the role of Junior Development
Officer of the E.A.B.A. As you will read on Phil’ s page,
he has made a good start in securing three venues for
Junior Tournaments. This venture does require finance,
some of which will come from the budget of the E.A.B.A.

We do however require more! The fund has been started by
our Chairman Peter Shelley with a donation of £50. Anyone
wishing to contribute, please do so by sending a cheque or
postal order to The Treasurer E. A. B. A. at the publishers
address inside the front cover. (payable to E. A. B. A. ).

Phil has spent a considerable time and effort in
compiling a list of Billiard Leagues in the UK. If your
league isn’t listed, please send the relevant information
to Phil, c/o the magazine. Eventually we hope to help
organise some Inter League matches with group coaching for
younger players and juniors. Several professional players
have offered their services and we cannot afford this
opportunity of teaching young players to pass by us.

Regrettably we cannot undertake to publish everyday results
but we hope secretaries will let us know of outstanding
performances, good breaks, also of any professional visit
to your area.

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