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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : January 1997

The Amateur Billiard Player : January 1997



This sequence of play is the basic pattern of shots used in large break building, needless to say the variations are never ending,
you will soon discover the dangers of side, indeed all the various ways side can be employed to enable lengthy stays at the top.

Remember that whilst side can cause havoc with your intended shot, it is an essential part of top table play.

Sound cueing is vital in controlling three balls, for touch and co-ordination, which demands serious concentration and mental

To make breaks of 200 plus without leaving the top area of the table ie. 30 inches from the top cushion should be considered
very good indeed.

Wishing to avoid writing volumes on top of the table, I suggest purchasing the video which will also help the E.A.B.A. cause.


Use the imaginary line at all times for position purposes.

Photo of Shot Diagram (2k)

1. Gentle cannon leaving position as diagram 2, leaving red pottable in both pockets. When potted angle on red important from cannon.
Photo of Shot Diagram (2k)

2. Gentle stun pot. Use imaginary line to help cue ball control.
Photo of Shot Diagram (2k)

3. Gentle simple pot, centre ball striking, leaving position 4.
Photo of Shot Diagram (2k)

4. Repeat as in position 1 trying to ensure correct angle on red with little disturbance of white.
Photo of Shot Diagram (2k)

5. Recovery shot. The one to practice ‘in all its variations’. ‘Cushion point’ for cue ball off red to cannon object white back to position 1.
Jack Karnehm

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