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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : July 1997

The Amateur Billiard Player : July 1997

News from the editor’s chair

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A new name on the trophy!

Congratulations to Paul Bennett on his
English Amateur success.

The Teesside domination of amateur billiards continues as Paul Bennett
claims the coveted national title at Nuneaton’s Atack Snooker Centre. A full
report of the match from Norman Routledge appears in this issue but I would
like to extend the ABP’s congratulations to Paul on his outstanding
achievement. Around the time when I was coaxed back to billiards a few
years ago I remember Paul, then in his early teens, from the ABC
tournaments. His dedication and enthusiasm for the game were apparent at
this early stage and I was always impressed by his modesty and
sportsmanship, qualities often neglected in these highly competitive and
acquisitive times in which we live.

As I predicted in the last issue, the championship did turn out to be the most
open for years and although some would argue that the overall standard has
dropped in terms of the high breaks and averages regularly seen from the
likes of messrs Shutt, Causier and Goodwill the fact that we still have a
thriving amateur game is apparent. Next year’s championship again
promises to be a very open one but probably a fair degree less so than this
year’s because I’m sure that with the confidence and self belief that winning
brings, Paul will be that much harder to shift from his perch and unlike many
of the older school of amateur stalwarts he’s still improving!

Funding secured for the coming year

I understand that the EABA has been promised a contribution of £2,500 from
the EASB to help with administration and running costs, which is obviously
most welcome. Even more welcome is the fact that the political wrangling and
in-fighting between the various bodies vying for control of amateur billiards
seems to have abated in recent months. It’s patently obvious to me who
should be running the game and that’s the EABA who alone dragged the
amateur game back from the brink of collapse in terms of the stainability
and breadth of national tournaments at the very least.

Summer’s here!
David Burgess

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