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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1997

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1997

Professional Notes

Strachan Tournament

I was fortunate enough to witness Mike Russell defeat
Sonic Multani in the final of the Strachan Tournament
at the Norwich Sports Village to take the £6,000 first prize.

Even in defeat, Multani, who collected £3,000, impressed
me as a “coming player” with a good personality and
mental resilience which should serve him well for future

The World Matchplay

The final of the World Matchplay was held at the Anglian
TV studios on 9th March 1997, and concluded in favour
of Robby Foldvari who overcame the challenge of Geet
Sethi to take the first prize of £4,500. The match was
followed by interviews and trick shots by Roxton Chapman
and Mike Ferreira.

In my humble opinion, Foldvari won because he was the
most careful, deliberate player – a great asset when playing
for so much money. If I want exhibition billiards and I pay
Robby the appropriate fee, he will no doubt entertain us
with shots he would never play in such competitive events.

Past v Present

For my money, Willie Smith, Newman, Davis, to say nothing
of Walter Lindrum, would have more than held their own
against the current professionals. I do not say that
dogmatically, but have considered the first-hand opinions
of Norman Squire, an Australian professional of Lindrum’s
generation, and Eddie Charlton, who played with Lindrum
at the age of 17, who have told me of the great man’s

At the age of 76 myself, I find that the game keeps me

Jock McGregor

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