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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

English Amateur Billiards Association

Report to EASB Executive Committee – 11/12/97


There have been no changes to the Committee membership with retiring
members re-elected unopposed.


Are scheduled quarterly but meet on an as required basis.

Tournaments 1996/97

Paul Bennett, aged 20, won the English Amateur Championship beating
Terry Ward in the final.
Brian Harvey beat Denis Marr in the final of the English Grand Masters
event (over 50’s).
Robin Wilson, aged 13, became the first player in the history of the
boys and junior events to win both the English Under 16 and English
Under 19 events on the same day.
The team event attracted only 13 entries and was deferred until the
start of the 1997/98 season.

Tournaments 1997/1998

The EABA considered a request to have the English Amateur Final
played along with the English Snooker event at Liverpool in late May.

This request was declined because of previously determined commitments
to return to Nuneaton in late March/April. The EABA have requested
representation to the tournament organising Committee of the EASB
in order to consider amalgamation of the finals in future seasons.

The EABA have re-evaluated the prize funding and entry fee position
of their events:

a) English Amateur prize fund up to £1,000 with the winners prize
up £100 to £300, entry fee raised £2 to £12. Entries are 80+
attracting £960 therefore covering the prize fund. Event costs of
£1,000 have been budgeted for.

The office has secured sponsorship support of £950 from Strachan.

The 80 Entries have been split into 7 playing regions and qualifying
will take place in January to determine 32 players who will compete
at Nuneaton. The last 32 will compete on consecutive weekends
from 14th March with the semi-final to be played on 4th & 5th
April 1998.

b) English Grand Masters entry forms are currently in distribution,
(50 last year) prize fund of £410 and overall costs of £760. Entry
fee increased £2 to £ 12. Final to be 28th March 1998.

c) English U16 & U19 entry forms will be distributed in January.

Entry fees are £5 each. Regional qualification to take place with
finals proposed for Middlesbrough on 2nd May 1998. Prize funds
are £170 each event and the office has secured sponsorship from
Strachan to this extent.

d) English Team Event entry forms re-distributed. Entry costs £20
per team. Prize fund £285 with overall costs £400.

General Costs and Funding

The Committee continues to work voluntarily and takes no expenses
other than directly expended items. Travel/phone etc costs have not
been claimed against the budget. Updated financial statement enclosed.

General Billiards Activity

In addition to tournaments the Amateur Billiards Circuit continues to
flourish with monthly events being staged at different venues throughout
the country. It attracts upwards of 60 competitors and is a great means
of communication of billiards information.

The English Junior Ranking events expect to have 4 tournaments this
season. Aimed at bringing more juniors into tournament play it has had
limited success to date.

The Billiard Player

The quarterly magazine has now been published 7 times to date.
Circulation is around the 150 mark and has international distribution.
The publication is effectively self financing with an expanding
contribution list.

World Open Billiards

Paul Bennett and Darren Kell attended the event in Malta. Paul received
financial support from the EABA budget after a decision of the EASB
who overturned an EABA view not to fund players in an Open event
that involved professionals.

The Teesside public supported part of Paul’s costs and along with the
CIU paid Darren’s costs to compete. Both Paul and Darren proved to be
fine ambassadors. Both qualified to the later stages after round robin
success. Paul was unbeaten including a win over Bhaskar while Darren’s
only round robin loss was against Shandilya. Darren lost in the quarter
finals and Paul in the semi finals.

EABA/EASB Interaction

Relationships between the respective bodies are now happy and stable
apart from the World Open funding position. The office in Bristol and
the officers of the EABA now work more harmoniously than in previous

With movements “upstairs” for Freya Broad and Sarah Chandler-Jones
it would be hoped that Laura Wakeman would stay as EASB Co-ordinator
for the foreseeable future to provide some continuity to operations.

I wish to extend my personal thanks to the staff of both EASB and
WPBSA offices for their assistance and support to me and billiards in

Albert Hanson 11/12/97

EABA Financial Statement – 9/12/97

Balance at 30th June 1997 £1,540.00
Balance at 14th October 1997 £1,922.10
EASB budget allocation (£2500 less Paul Bennett in World Open) £2,027.50
Magazine sales & video sales £368.50
English Amateur entries £156.00
Team entry £20.00
Balance £4,494.10
Expenditure – since 14/10/97
Magazine £257.05
Balance at 9/12/97£4,237.05
Budget expenditure for end season 1997/98
English Amateur prizes £950.00
staging £1,050.00
Grand Masters prizes £410.00
staging £350.00
Team Event prizes £285.00
staging £110.00
English U 16 prizes £170.00
English U 19 prizes £170.00
The Billiard Player £400.00
Budget project receipts not yet received
Strachan sponsorship (£950 + £170 x 2) £1,290.00
Grand Masters entries (50 x £12) £600.00
English U16 & U19 (40 x £5) £200.00
Projected end of season balance £2,432.05

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