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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

Secretary’s Notes

Albert Hanson

Like many other billiards supporters I was stunned and
saddened to hear of the demise of Ellis Lloyd who died on
Christmas day.

Whilst the obituary is told on page 13,1 would like to add my
personal tribute to Ellis who I’ve only known since my national
involvement’s through the EABA.

I found him to be a gentleman at all times, a wonderful supporter
of billiards, and a devotee of his family and grandchildren.

Always one to question and challenge a viewpoint on billiards,
I’ve spent many an enjoyable hour at ABC’s being questioned
on my role, my involvement, the game’s progression, my
arguments with EASB, and probably most of all, my work with
the Teesside Boys.

Ellis was a great admirer of the Boy’s League and the players
that came from it. He relished their involvement and fostered
dreams that it could be repeated nationwide.

Invariably, throughout the conversations we had, his family
and grand-kids would crop up, they were never far from his
thoughts. We extend to them our condolences for their loss,
which we in billiards share.

On a happier note, congratulations to Ralph Macklin on
receiving his recent Services to Sport award. My
nomination of him to the Middlesbrough Council proved the
point I made in the last edition of the magazine—the possibility
of Awards, Grants, etc;—are there if application is made. No
matter that he beat the nomination of myself for the same
award, this great servant of the game rightly deserves it!

I am growing a little concerned that the row within the WPBSA
that is ongoing and seemingly getting nasty, might have an
effect on the Amateur game.

The WPBSA “rescued” the amateur game and brought into
being the EASB. It provides funding and administrative
support to that organisation.

The EASB in turn provides financial support and
administrative support to ourselves, the EABA. If there is a
change of heads at the WPBSA will there be a change of
policy to the Amateur game and what would be the

I had it expressed to me that Billiards would benefit when Rex
Williams and Mark Wildman were appointed as Chairman and
Vice-Chairman of the WPBSA, personally I’ve got to say that
I’ve not seen any benefit, so maybe, if they were to be replaced,
nothing would change anyway—but as I said—I’m getting a
little concerned. Maybe Martyn Blake could express a view to

The EASB have determined to have “open” meetings at
varying venues (linked to professional tournament dates
and venues) in the country to make themselves accessible to
the members and prospective interested parties.

Currently the only accessibility is to the AGM which had been
held in Bristol. For me, this means a 267 mile drive or a seven
hour each-way train journey and an overnight stay. If you
hear of such an open meeting, and have the chance, why not
attend and ask anything you may consider relevant.

Remember to diary forward the week-end of 4th-5th April
being the semi-final and final of the English Amateur
Championships, and 2nd May being the finals of the English
under-16 and under-19 Championships. The “Amateur” will
be staged for the third consecutive year at the Atack Snooker
Centre at Nuneaton and will see again a mini-arena created
with tiered seating and decorative and informative displays.

Middlesbrough will again host the final stages of the Boys
and Junior events, with eight players in each. Play starts at
10.00 am; and ends at 4.50 pm.

Both venues provide atmosphere
and facilities along with excellent
playing spectacle opportunity. I
hope to see many of you there.

Until next time—good cueing and
good viewing.

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