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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 1998

Wessex News

by David Lloyd & Colin White

Pudding’s on Song

On Saturday 25th October 1997 a party of Sandford
Orcas & District players and wives travelled to
Ashbourne (Derby’s) where they were joined by two players
and wives from Bath where they played the North Midland
round of the Black Pudding v Scrumpy friendly, currently
held by Wessex Scrumpy’s.

Black Pudding’sScrumpy’s
Gary Coe

152 Steve Warren

Dick Ratcliffe

200 Martin Gillham

Brian Hayes

122 Keith Tozer

Rex Plant

148 Colin White

John Maslaukas

185 Mike Woolmington

John Heathcote

163 Bill Tadd


On this occasion Dove Valley Black Pudding’s came out
winners by 4-2 but we look forward to the next round at
Wincanton when we intend to bring out the “big guns”.

Darley Dale

Sunday 26th October saw us all make our various ways
to Darley Dale where we saw on form Peter Gilchrist
taking the honours in a most enjoyable afternoon and evening
of high class billiards.

I have found it rather difficult to obtain home telephone
numbers or contact numbers for professionals when trying
to arrange our tournament and exhibition at Wincanton.

Could I ask any professionals interested in performing in
exhibition events to forward their number to The Amateur
Billiard Player, it would make the organiser’s work so
much easier and should result in the professionals earning
a bit more.

Quick Game

The following story was told by Dave Lord, Treasurer
of the Bath Billiards & Snooker League:-

Several years ago I took a team of sixteen snooker and four
billiard players from Bath, for a match against Taunton. We
travelled by coach and quite a few of the player’s wives came
along. They found themselves a lounge where they could
natter and have a few gin and tonic’s, while the matches were
in progress, and they were told to come to the Taunton
Conservative Club for the after-match buffet. I was playing
billiards at this club, with snooker on the other two tables.

About 10.00 pm; I had just started playing the last game of
billiards when the wives decided they would come into the
room. All the players stopped whilst they trooped in, and my
wife said, for all to hear, “ave won’t be very long, he’s only
got three balls left”

Bath v Sandford Orcas

About ten years ago Dave Lord (Bath) and Roy Foster
(Sandford Orcas) got together and arranged the first
billiards match between the two leagues. Since then the two
leagues have played home and away matches every year, and
the interest remains as strong as ever. The latest meeting was
in Bath on 29th November 1997. Five tables were used to
accommodate the teams often players.

All games were 1¼ hours
BathSandford Orcas
W. Tadd

147 M. Woolmington

K. Tozer

227 J. Masters

K. Langley

268 C. Walters

D. Lord

461 R. Foster

C. Coles

263 C. White

R. Lydiard

273 J. Stringfellow

A. Bastin

154 M. Warren

D. Smith

444 M. Gillham

E. Pitts

58, 54, 41
413 S. Warren

D. Stephenson

230 G. Warren


The result was five games all, with Bath taking the honours on
aggregate score by 2,880 – 2,418. A excellent after-match buffet
was provided at the Old Crown Inn. The return fixture will be
in March 1998.

Wessex Individual Billiards

Due to the number of entries to the Wessex Individual
Billiards decreasing year by year, it has been decided to
change the format for this year’s competition. To determine
the semi-finalists, four groups will play a “round-robin”, all
games to be completed in one day at the same club. This has
resulted in the entries almost doubling last year’s numbers.

The date is provisionally 1st February, all results will be
provided in due course.

Top Cue

Our next event at Wincanton is provisionally fixed for
Sunday 26th April when B, Harvey (holder), D. Watts &
C. Gay will play for the Top Cue Rose Bowl. In the evening
Roxton Chapman and Norman Dagley will play an exhibition

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