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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1998

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 1998

Amateur Billiard Circuit


8th March 1998

At the time of going to press, we have unfortunately
received no official results from the Newmarket event.
However, we understand that the winner was Paul Bennett,
who defeated fellow Teessider, Lee Lagan in the final.

Kings Lynn

8th February 1998

Is it a record? Sixty one attendee’s for an ABC? There were five
juniors amongst the runners, though only one survived the opening
round. All faced experienced opponents, none more so than Tony
King who clashed with Steve Crosland. Dean Bavister lost to Branson
Hoole, Jimmy Chambers to Derick Townend and Fraser Adams to
Bill Mount. Lee Lagan was one of eight Teessider’s involved and
made 50 & 58 breaks and scored 506 points in the hour. Snowy
Salisbury top scored on the day with 587 and included the days
highest break of 161. This was one of nine centuries made on the

English champion Paul Bennett had a 114 & 58 in a 437-177 (51)
win over Richard Lodge. CIU champion Darren Kell had 52 & 51
breaks in his opening win. Like-wise fellow Teessider David
Thatcher had 54 & 56 breaks to set him on a fine run. David followed
this with wins over Mark Hatton and Anthony Bishop, also from
Teesside. A 97 break came in his 292-231 win over Mark and a 76
in his 383-237 win over Anthony, who was a pupil of David’s
coaching in Boy’s league activity.

Anthony, still a junior, had won his opener beating Ivan Chambers
283-241. Meanwhile Lee Lagan was in high is scoring mood with
461 & 452 scores and eight breaks over 50.

Steve Crosland was also busy. He made a 108 break when beating
John Carman and had four breaks over 50 when getting past Phil

Bill Andress included a 113 break when accounting for Fos Wilson
and then had four good breaks when scoring 460 to beat Brian

Phil Welham, having beating Chris Ross and Tom Henke, then had
breaks of 115 & 77, but lost out by just 9 points to Paul Bennett
(99 break). Paul then faced Darren Kell in the quarter final and made a
95 break, but lost as Darren included runs of 51 & 82 to win 309-

David Thatcher meanwhile reached his first ABC semi-final with a
300-247 win over David Nichols. A 98 break was included in the
win while Nichols had dual 58 breaks.

Bill Andress had runs of 62 & 70 to total 299, but Brian Harvey
pipped him by 12 points after a 105 break.

Steve Crosland with breaks of 66, 91 & 70 had a comfortable 383-
264 win over Lee Lagan. The Yorkshireman was impressive in the
semi-final, against Brian Harvey, he made three centuries and two
other worthwhile breaks to swamp him 584-190. Brian had three
fifty plus efforts.

Darren Kell beat David Thatcher 338-195 in an uninspiring game
and went on to beat Steve Crosland in the final after an 89 break.

Paul Dunning won the plate beating Teesside rookie Richard Bezance
in the final.

Quarter finals
eve Crosland

66, 91, 70
383 Lee Lagan

Brian Harvey

311 Bill Andress

62, 70
David Thatcher

300 Dave Nichols

58, 58
Darren Kell

51, 82
309 Paul Bennett

eve Crosland

107, 52, 118, 120, 67
584 Brian Harvey

51, 52, 54
Darren Kell

338 David Thatcher

Darren Kell

359 Steve Crosland

Plate Final
Paul Dunning

310 Richard Bezance


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